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How Long Should an Ebook Be For Better Sales?

How Long Should Ebooks Be

A good ebook that sells more and is loved by everyone is never too short and not too long. To make your ebook sell more, you need to make sure that your ebook is long enough to be helpful for the reader.

In this article, I am going to tell you the right length for your ebook so that it sells the most.

Nonfiction ebooks should be at least 20,000 words long (60-70 pages), you should always try to hit the 100-page mark to get the most sales. Free Ebooks can be shorter with around 3000-4000 words (15-20 pages). While Fiction ebooks should at least be 60,000-80,000 words (200-250 pages).

While, the length of an ebook depends on a lot of other things like the genre, the pricing, the fulfillment of the reader, etc.

So, if you want to get the most sales, you’ll need to understand how much content your audience needs, so stay tuned with the article, as I am going to explain to you the same thing.

Before we begin, you should know why the length even matters in ebook creation.

Does Ebook Length Matter? & Why?.

How Long Should Ebooks Be

An ebook is created mainly because of two things to solve a problem a person is facing and secondly to entertain the person (a kind of novel).

The most common type is the first one.

If an ebook is too short, then the reader would not get everything he needed and give a poor review which will give a very bad impact on further sales.

And he’ll be like:

I Just Wasted My 5 Bucks In This Sh*t

– Reader

An ebook should be long enough to make the reader feel he spent his money on something good.

An ebook should cover all the aspects of the topic in one place, there should be no questions left in a person’s mind about the topic and there should be no section left to be included in the ebook.

And for that ebooks has to be longer and contain more sections so that you can guarantee that there’s nothing left and the reader would be happy to read that much longer information.

Why would you spend 5 bucks on the information you can find on a single article on the internet?

You basically have to think about the reader whether this much info is enough or not.

There is no fixed word length to follow, it all depends on the audience.

If you’re planning to write a fiction book, then you need to think about other ebooks doing good in the fiction books, they all are more than 200 pages.

So, you also need to follow the same route as this basically means people like fiction ebooks to be more than 200 pages.

Finding The Length Of Your Ebook

Genre Minimum My Personal Choice
Fiction 250 350
Non-Fiction 60 140


This table shows you the minimum pages your ebook should have and the number of pages I prefer depending on your genre.

But don’t just take these numbers and just start writing, these numbers are on an average basis.

You may need to write less or maybe more pages depending upon the topic of your ebook.

So, make sure you read the full article as if you didn’t, you may end up writing shorter ebooks that may not make you earn that much money you are trying for.

Topic Of The Ebook

If you are writing a how-to ebook, a problem solver ebook, an ebook that will help the reader in any way; in one word a non-fiction ebook.

Then your ebook has to be longer. As people can easily find this kind of information free on the web.

On Google, the average word length of top-ranking articles is 2000.

So, if you write a 2000 words long ebook on 11 Ways to Make Passive Money online, then people will find better and more information on the web for free.

This should be 101 Ways to Make Money Online and then you should write around 500 words per one method (roughy) and show exactly how to do it, and make the ebook 250 pages long.

This may seem crazy but this is the real secret behind successful ebooks.

If you’re in the nonfiction category, you will have to make sure your ebook is an ULTIMATE RESOURCE for readers.

For the fiction category, you also need to make your ebook long as this is something people like to read, and if you are interested in something, then you can read 200 pages without any difficulty.

So, for fiction ebooks, you must write at least 200 pages.


If you’re writing an ebook in a really competitive place like marketing, then you have to make your ebook longer than average to actually get more sales.

And if you want to get the best seller badge, you’ll need to make sure there’s no ebook there in the market which is better than yours.

“Think Unique & You’ll Easily Beat the Competition”


As we took the above example – 101 Ways To Make Money Online

This kind of topic is going to be really competitive, and there are many ebooks on amazon talking about the same thing so you have to be better than your competition which means you have to include more ways (tips & tricks, etc. ).

And that’s why your ebook has to be longer than the minimum length I told which was 50000 words.

So, go on amazon kindle, type in whatever your topic is and search for the ebooks with the most ratings or take the best sellers.

Buy 4-5 ebooks and see how long they are, see how they have done the work.

One ebook will be good in design, one may be very in-depth, one may have some really cool stats and images.

You have to take all the best sellers and try to find out the reason they are best sellers.

Then replicate the same thing with your ebook, do all the good things your competition has.

This will help you make a better ebook than your competitors.

In terms of length, just make it longer than your competitor.

See how long your competitor’s ebooks are.

Buy 5-6 Best selling / most rated ebooks in your category and see how long they are. Buying competitor’s ebooks will also help you find what’s working currently in your industry. Also, write the specialty and the unique thing about each of the ebooks you buy.

92 pages long and has a really good Table of Content Page which makes it really easy to navigate.


Make Money Online

Mary Sequia

136 pages with a lot of depth


51 Ways To Earn Passive Income Online

Marcus Alpline

61 Pages With a lot of images.


Earn a Full time Income Online

Philip Glacier

87 Pages With a really good design. The design is very professional and good looking.


Realistic Ways to Earn a Lot of Money


114 Pages With a very friendly approach to writing – it seems you are talking with your friend while reading.


Become a Millionaire Working Online

Amy Redwood

54 Pages With a lot of statistics and case studies.


How to Make the Money Work For You


Note: They are not real authors, they are taken just for an example to show you what you need to do.

Take the longest ebook and simply put the number of pages in it in the formulae.

Use my formula to find the best length for your ebook:-

Formula to Find the Right Ebook Length For Your Ebook

In my case, the longest ebook has 136 pages.

So, When I apply the forumla –

136 / 2 + 136 = 68 + 136 = 204 

That means, 204 pages can help me to beat the competition easily.

Reader’s Satisfaction

Have I covered all the sections of the topic or not? Does the reader need more? Will the reader get to know everything about the topic after reading these x number of pages?

Ask these questions to yourself, once you have written the number of pages you got from the formulae I gave above.

“Think Like A Customer To Create The Best Product For The Customer”

– Exblogging

Making your ebook the best ultimate resource that makes the reader satisfied with the investment he made is your Main Goal 🎯

Ask all these questions and if the answer is no to any one of these, research and find what you should add next, think about the next section you can add.

Take at least 30 minutes thinking about this and then start writing.

Take a note of all these things you find in these 30 minutes and then write about each of them.

“Customer Is King And Your Content Is The Service You Provide To The King”


So, try to write quality content that makes the king happy.

Pricing The Ebook With Word Count

Many people in the ebook publishing world suggest pricing your book according to how many pages it has.

Honestly, I am against it as you should always do a/b testing for pricing.

I personally prefer fiction books to not go more than $4.99, while nonfiction books are sold at a higher price but still, it should not be more than $9.99.

You should always test the price, one month it is $4.99, the second month it is $3.99, the third month you can raise it to $7.99.

And things like that, and then see which price tag got the most sales.

Now, let’s come back to our main topic.

Average Size of Ebooks on Amazon

I researched around 20 of the most rated ebooks in the fiction and nonfiction category to see the average size.

So, here’s what I have found.

QuantityFiction EbookNonfiction Ebook
Average Pages319 Pages171 Pages
Highest Pages805 Pages305 Pages

But, this doesn’t mean you will have to write exactly 171 pages to get the most results.

There are many subcategories inside these genres as well.

So, just use my formulae and read what I have told in the article, and then you’ll the perfect length for your particular ebook.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Length

If you have talked about the topic in-depth and have covered all aspects within 20,000 words and you don’t price too much, then you’re good with your ebook.

You don’t necessarily need to increase the word count to 30,000 with just garbage content.

I strictly don’t recommend fluffing up the content with any sort of filler, repeating the same thing again and again, etc.

If you do this with your ebook, then you are basically making your ebook worsen.

So, stop writing when you think you have covered everything about the topic in-depth and there’s nothing left to add.

Bottom Line

I hope this article helped you to find the right length for your ebook but again don’t be too strict about this and fill your ebook with fluff.

Write good quality content that is meaning full and helpful to the reader.

After reading this article, many people will be like, ‘Ok, so I have to write 40,000 words’ and once they reach 40,000 words, they will not think more and just start designing the ebook

This method is not correct. You’ll need to think of it from the reader’s perspective.

As I also told above add all the aspects of a topic, your reader should completely be satisfied after reading it. So, add more content to it.

How To Run Exe Files On Android Easily | 3 Methods (2021)

 How To Run Exe Files On Android

Open Exe Files On Android

This article tells you how you can run EXE files on your android phone easily with three different methods.

For those who don’t know, .exe is a common filename extension denoting an executable file (the main execution point of a computer program) for Microsoft Windows. 

It is basically a binary language set of data and instructions [language understood by the computers] that helps you interact with the device and perform the tasks that a program exe is designed for. 

Usually, setup files for computer programs come in this format, and you can easily install the entire package by opening the file and stating simply you can’t just make all EXE files work on your Android device. 

But since nowadays people are always on the run as a result of a busy lifestyle and when all the things are mostly done on mobiles, from ordering food to arranging marriages, ways to open such exe files is something which can come handy and that’s why in this articles we have listed ways which can help you run your exe files on your Android. 

So whether you are interested to play your favorite video game or just want to run an exe based software on your Android device, we have got you all covered up. 

Unfortunately, you cannot use it directly or download .exe files on Android OS. Nevertheless, you can use third-party apps that can help you. 

But before jumping onto the ways you need to keep in mind that not all home files will run on Android, even with the help of these special apps. 

So if you are here because you wanted to play Half-Life or Counter-Strike like video games on your Android device, sorry my friend but this article might disappoint you.

1. Use DOS Emulator DOSBox

The very first entry in our list is the DOSBox and the reason it’s in the first number is that the DOS Operating System is running the DOSBox emulators are the most useful in running Windows or MS-DOS compatible files over cross-platform. 

Simply stating, DOS BOX is an app that creates a command line on your Android phone and thus can enable you to open the EXE file. 

You can find many DOS BOX apps on Google Play store, but the one we are going to talk about today is aFreebox, the most popular one, and additionally, it provides some additional features as well. 

Freebox is a completely free port of the latest SVN version of DosBox and it uses the same core engine as Dos Box Turbo. Let’s take a look at the steps on how to go about with this app:-

  • The first step is to download the app and install it on your Android device. When you download the app, the one thing you need to ensure is that the required exe file you intend to run is in a root folder and is named in a way that you will remember easily. 
  • After that run the new app, which you have just installed and once the app is active, the next thing you have to do is to type the name of your EXE file let’s suppose its name to be gillyweed into the command line and then press Enter. Here try not to stress over case sensitivity; there is no requirement for that.
  • Presently you will be directed into the folder wherein your exe file is. From that point type in the exe name in the command line and it won’t be necessary for you to place in the .exe toward the end as well.
  • At last, you will be capable to run the required exe file on your android gadget only if the program is perfect with the DOS BOX application.

2. Use the Inno Setup Extractor App

If you weren’t able to open your exe file with the help of the above-mentioned way, no worries as there is another way. 

The next method is definitely simpler and won’t take much time. Inno Setup ExtractorOpens in a new tab. sole purpose as the name suggests is to extract the exe files. 

For this app, all you have to do is to simply download the application from Google play store and install it in your device. When you have done that, put your required exe file on your device.


Go to your file manager and locate this file and afterward open them with this app. 

Subsequently, the app will do its work and will extract the files, and just like that following these simple steps will let you have excess to your required EXE files that can be opened later on by you in your Android device.

3. Remote Desktop Viewer

The next method in our list is quite an indirect method but it will let you run your EXE files in your Android device. 

Since the exe document can’t be run legitimately from your Android phone, you may have to utilize your windows PC to host the application with the Android gadget acting as a presentation and interface for the application. 

It might sound a little confusing but this all will be done with the assistance of VNC (Virtual Network Computing) clients. 

With the help of this app, you can get to the computer screen remotely and get access to its files and thus install it on PC. 

And just like that, you’ll be able to view or control the applications running on the PC using your cell phone. We have mentioned the detailed steps below to get you started with it:-

  • The first step is simply installing a freeware VNC Client on your PC. This is the most important step, as this is the software that would ultimately enable your computer to be controlled and viewed from another device.
  • After the launch of the server and the completion of the initial setup, copy the external IP Address and Port number to course the connection. Also additionally, note down the PC Name if necessary.
  • At this point, you are required to install any VNC client application in your Android device. These apps are easily accessible and are also available for free, for example, Mocha VNC Lite and Android-vnc-viewer. 
  • After the installation of the app, enter the IP with the port number. You will also have to enter the passwords and other details.
  • As now the setup is whole, you will be capable to remotely access your  PC over the network and thus be able to open the required exe file from your Android device.

In this article, we have tried to cover all the possible ways that will let you have access to your required EXE files. 

These ways in no way can guarantee a 100% access as once again we would like to point out that not all exe programs can be run on your Android device, even if it has the highest-end hardware specs. 

Technology is improving day by day and there are chances that someday Android will properly and without the use of any third-party app will make it possible to run the EXE files in it. 

Until then, these methods can be quite productive as the answer to your question-“How to run exe files on android?”

Do you have a favorite app or another method that you use to run exe files on Android or do you have any questions or suggestions, if YES! We would love to hear from you. Drop them in the comments below and for more stuff like this stay tuned!

5 Ways to Delete Certain Emojis On Android Easily (100% Working) 2021

 How To Delete Certain Emojis On Android

Delete Certain Emojis

Emojis might be fun many times, but some time they may not be good. In this article, I am going to share some ways to delete those certain bad emojis on your android phone.

With each passing year as the time passes we are witnessing new generations year after year. And with each new generation comes a new trend, some of which stay for a little time while some stay for quite a long time. 

One such trend that has conquered the texting industry quite recently is the very popular Emojis. 

In a short period, Emojis have become a cultural phenomenon, shaping the way we express ideas and emotions across languages, friends, and generations. 

For most of the people, the topic of this article might seem bizarre because for them Emojis is a source of entertainment and expression but for the other majority of people who have landed in this article willingly, Emojis are a big problem. 

The reason behind finding them as a problem can be any. 

One of the reasons can be Emojis disturbs the professional environment or even the reason can be the several new emoji options that are completely offensive and inappropriate for children. 

So today I am here to address this problem and in this article, I have tried to mention the different ways that can help you delete certain emojis on your Android device.

 Below are the ways to delete certain emojis on Android phone.

1. On/off the keyboard

So the first way to solve this problem which is the very first solution that will come in anyone’s mind is to on/off the keyboard. 

Till now no way has been found to remove or delete certain emojis that you don’t like and the only option that is left at this position is to turn the keyboard on or off as there is no ability to modify them individually.

2. Switch the keyboard

We all are aware of the fact that emojis are now a part of the keyboard of our device. When we get the device the emoji feature is already inbuilt in it. 

And since they are a part of keyboards, so the only option left with us is to switch to another keyboard or more simply stated- install a different keyboard. 

There are many keyboards available online as well in play store like Swift Key KeyboardOpens in a new tab. that comes without the emojis option.

3. Delete AR Emojis

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user you must be aware of the AR emojis features it offers. It is simply a feature named AR Emoji with the help of which you can create a 3D avatar of yourself using the camera of your Galaxy S9/S9+. 

Though this feature is cool and in pace with the current technology, many of the users might find it annoying and useless. So for those people here, we have listed the simple steps to get rid of this feature:-

  • Tap and hold on the AR Emoji you want to delete or get rid of.
  • After a moment, a small minus (‘-‘) icon will appear on each of your AR Emojis. Choose the ones you want to remove and whoosh… just like that they’ll be gone.

4. Delete Certain Emojis

Now we have come to the most waited question on how to delete certain emojis. So one way of doing that is to follow these steps:-

·   Go to the Settings option of your device. Then press General and from there, you will reach the Keyboard option. Or simply search in settings for “Keyboard option”

    There you’ll find options English and Emoji. After that Press the  Edit option and then tap the red button followed by the Delete button to remove the Emoji keyboard.

5. Clear the Emoji History

If mistakenly you pressed some offensive emoji which you didn’t want to press or even if you are not satisfied with the emojis appearing in your frequently used option, I have got you covered up. 

By following these simple steps you will be able to clear those emojis from your phone’s history and can then begin with a clean slate.

There are several ways that you can follow:-

#1 Reinstall Whatsapp

The simplest way to do this is by uninstalling WhatsApp from your device and reinstalling it. 

After you reinstall it, just recover your chat history from found backup when asked by WhatsApp, and just like that, all your recent emojis will be removed from your phone as well as from the WhatsApp web while your precious chats will remain intact.

#2 GB Whatsapp

If you are in no mood for all that backup and install the app again fuss another easy way is to download a modified WhatsApp app, which goes by the name GBWhatsappOpens in a new tab.

The app comes with many options and one such option that is of great use is the option “Delete recent emojis”. Just press this option and without much hassle get rid of your problem. 

This is just one example, there are many apps like these that are easily accessible from the play store.

#3 Clear Data

Another way to do it is by following these simple steps:-

1. Go to the Settings app >> Apps >>Google Keyboard.

2. Then Click on “Storage”.

3. After that Click “Clear Data” and then the option “Clear Cache”. And easily you will be able to solve your problem.


In this article, we have tried to state all the means that can help you with the problem of emoji. As mentioned above since they are nowadays an inbuilt feature of your device, getting rid of them completely is not an option. 

Accepting the trends as they come by is the only option to move forward in life. 

If you are worried about your kid learning bad things through these offensive emojis here is what you need for them to understand is that just because that emoji is there doesn’t mean your children have to use it. 

Keeping that aside, through this article we have provided you a guide of some simple steps that can help you get a little relief from Emojis and can let you use your keyboard without getting annoyed with that emojis option.

If your friends are facing the same problem of emojis, then don’t forget to share this article so that your friends will be able to delete certain emojis on his phone.

Easiest Way! To Fix Blurry Picture On Android (9 +Apps) 2021

How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android | Top 9 Apps

Apps to Fix Blur Images

Blurry pictures the worst part of our social media life, I put in so many efforts to click a beautiful photo and later, find that the image is blurry, sounds like a nightmare! But, you can fix them and convert that nightmare into a daydream, In this article, I will be sharing some android apps that can help you fix blurry images on android easily.

Imagine a scenario that you come across some beautiful scenery while you are traveling by car and in the few seconds that you have to capture it, you take out your Android phone, open the camera, and Click! 

You feel accomplished that you have captured the picture which would look great in your Instagram feed only to find the picture Blurred! Frustration, grief, distress are only a few of the emotions you will go through.

But what if  I tell you that you can recover the picture and with a little thought about how far the technology has reached, you will also be instantly ready to believe me.

Blur images is a common situation that every person experiences. It is caused by one of two things – motion or improper focusing neither of which can be fixed in post-processing.

So here in this article, I have come up with ways to slide through this problem smoothly, and if you are willing to save your favorite picture from an amazing trip from getting wasted stay set with us.

This articles share 9 apps that can help you deblur your image and make it look clear. All the apps can be used to fix blurry images on your android device itself easily without putting any hard efforts.

9 Apps to Fix Blurry Image on Android

There are a number of apps available both paid and unpaid that can help you fix blurry pictures on android, some of them are- Adobe Photoshop Express, Smart deblur, Snapseed, VSCO, , Fix photo blur app, After light, etc. follow the article till the end to get to know how you can fix a blurred photo.

#1. Adobe Photoshop Express

The very first app which in this list is the Adobe Photoshop Express and the reason for mentioning it in the very beginning is that it is easy to use for both intermediate as Ill as the advanced users and has a typical industry for picture management. 

Opens in a new tab.

Photoshop Express delivers a full spectrum of tools, features, and effects at your fingertips.

Looks as smart as any Adobe product – beautifully designed, with clear icons and uncluttered menus which is definitely a plus point and it will give you clear navigation and thus will make it easier and simpler for you. Below are mentioned its Pros and Cons:-


  • It is an excellent free photo editor. Yes! It’s free, so no need to worry about the cost of editing or thinking about a budget before getting into the app.
  • The app is adaptable to desktops as Ill as mobile devices, thus it makes all of its tools available from the convenience of your Ib browser. So it offers you the option of editing as per your suitability.
  • The apps come with a number of sharpening tools— clarity and sharpen to name a few.
  • It fixes blurry images in a matter of seconds with one of its amazing features – a magic wand tool that will fix blurry pictures with one click. Not a fairy tale but it will definitely work.


  • Some of the functionality on the app is confusing but one can always take reference from YouTube videos right!
  • The saving option is not very prominent.
  • Images cannot be zoomed when you are editing the picture, which is a big turn off!

#2. SmartDeblur

SmartDeblur is a small portable app that enables you to work your magic on photos in a few easy steps. The one great thing about this app is that it has an intuitive user interface which makes using SmartDeblur absurdly simple.

Opens in a new tab.

All you have to do is just download the portable app and start the app. Below are mentioned its Pros and Cons:-


  • The apps work extremely fast. Move a few sliders which change the colors and contrasts to make the picture slightly clearer and you are good to go.
  • It shows the original versions along with editing which is useful for making comparisons.
  •  A portable app so you just need to extract it to the folder of your choice.


  • The app is free but in order to remove the watermark, you have to purchase the Home or Pro version which is quite high-priced.
  • It can’t guarantee you perfect results.

 #3. Snapseed

The next entry in the list is an app that is well known and is a quick and convenient photo editing tool. It has several options for Android users and it offers a set of 29 unique tools that allows you to try your hands on precision-based editing.

One of the great things about Snapseed is its ability to edit RAW files. It also lets you do some fun stuff like double exposure and creative presets like Noir. 

Opens in a new tab.

If stated modestly, it is an amazing little app that, if used carefully, can vastly improve an average snap. Below are mentioned it’s Pros and Cons:-


  •    It is a Free app.
  •   The app offers a variety of tools like the HDR, the healing brush, the contrast controls, precision-based sharpening all add up to fix your blurry photos.
  •  Another amazing thing about the app is that whenever you will make any changes, it will be automatically saved as logs, each specified so that if you want to remove something three edits back you can specifically remove that. 
  • Great Right! The undo option is also a boon that undoes the last edit if mistakenly you edit something and want to change that.


  • The navigation in the app is particularly difficult and would require you to have an insight tool.
  •   The app does not have a good face identity and editing option. So, as a result, you can’t detect too many faces.
  • The app is updated constantly. Now you might be wondering why it is listed in cons and not in Pros. So the reason behind it is that those updates are usually linked to sudden app crashes which can be really annoying.

#4. VSCO

VSCO is an app that offers creative photo and video editing tools, along with some social features like your favorite Instagram.


The free version of the app gives users access to standard photo editing tools and some of VSCO’s presets, but membership is required in order to access tips, tutorials, video editing tools, and all other photo editing tools and presets.

Opens in a new tab.

The app is particularly aimed at artsy photographers and is for those users who want a little more control over their photo editing.


  • Though the app is paid but the sharpening tools required for solving the problem of blurred images are available for Free.
  • VSCO’s expansive collection of filters is where it shines. You get a few with the free version, but when you upgrade to ‘VSCO X,’ the premium subscription service ($19.99 per year), you receive a huge collection of VSCO filters that emulate classic and modern films. So if you are a person who loves to experiment with filters this app can be your go-to app.
  •  Since it also has social features, so you can simply connect it to the Instagram App, one of the most popular social media sharing applications.
  •  The app has a simple but elegant design.


  •  The filters are considered quite expensive and you are required to purchase a yearly subscription.
  • It does not provide the feature of zoom in on the pictures while editing thus lacking precision.
  • Some features of the app are sometimes broken.


The next entry in our list is a photo editor that has a very professional look along with a really friendly user interface. 

Opens in a new tab.

The app is easily accessible from play store and is suitable for everyone, whether you have never edited a picture or are a pro, Pixlr has all the tools and effects you need. Below are mentioned it’s Pros and Cons:-


  • Using the app is free, and you don’t need to install any special software to use it.
  • The app offers several editing tools — filters, overlays, etc. for an amazing experience.
  •  The app also has photo focusing abilities which will come be useful in fixing blurry pictures.


  • The adjust image size tool is horrible. It gets your images very blurry (and that’s not what you want).
  • One of the thing that is absolutely annoying about this app are the ad pop-ups. So unless you haven’t purchased the full version, the ads will continue to appear.
  •  If you plan on downloading the high-resolution version of the image, the app may crash.

#6. The Fix photo Blur app

The Fix Photo Blur app as the name suggests fixes photo blurs. Apart from fixing blurs, the app can also remove chroma and Gaussian noise from your blurry photos.

The app guarantees that you won’t be needing to worry about taking blurry photos with this app running on your device.

Opens in a new tab.


  • The app is easy to use and you only need to move the Fix Blur slider to remove blur on your photos.
  •    The app is available in the play store.
  • The application comes with an amazing option of noise removal from your photos and it removes Gaussian noise and Chrome noise from the images. The noise here refers to the grains and colored sparkles that tend to loIr the quality of your photos.


  •   This app also comes with the problem of ad pop-ups that might irritate many users.
  • The zoom-in result of the image is not satisfactory.
  • Some of the features are paid in the app.



With more than 58K + downloads and a rating of 4.2 in the Google Play Store is the next app in our list, Afterlight.

The app is the perfect image editing app if you are looking for quick and straight forward editing and this app comes with a simple design along with powerful and snappy tools to ensure that the users get they want in seconds.

Opens in a new tab.


  •    The app offers a FREE version to its users.
  • The app comes with 15 different tools that are specifically made for enhancing photo qualities and it let users fine-tune exposure, color, and sharpness.
  •  No need to make an account to enjoy the features of the app.


  • The full version of the app comes with a fee.
  • The app has limited tools in comparison to other apps.
  •  If you are using the Android version of the app, you will find it a little buggy as it’s more IOS optimized. 

#8. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe light is the next entry in the list and it is defined as an app that allows editing, viewing, and organizing large files.

Lightroom is much easier to use as Ill as cheaper versus its big brother, Photoshop, yet still packs a punch for photo editing along with the organization.

Opens in a new tab.


  • The app offers you the most powerful, simple way of editing your photos with a user-friendly interface.
  • The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC app for the mobile user is a Free app.
  • Since the software is not too large, it won’t consume too much space on your phone.


  •  Some of the features are paid on the app.
  • The software, despite its’ size, is sloIr which can feel time-consuming at times.

#9. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

GIMP is a very powerful and useful tool which requires no extra effort, it can help you in editing images of any quality especially when your photo is a blur. 

Opens in a new tab.

The app comes with an advanced scripting interface that allows everything from the simplest task to the most complex image-manipulation procedures to be easily scripted.


  •   The app can easily unblur your photos without any difficulty. And can be very helpful when your important images are blurred.
  •   The app is free to use.


      I.            Since the interface of the app is advanced as mentioned above, it can be a little complex for the new users.

   II.            Being open-source, support can be a little iffy.


In this article, I have tried to cover some useful apps that can help you solve the problem of your blurred image and can convert your favorite blurred picture into its clearer and more visible version. 

I hope these apps work for you and if you feel I have missed something don’t forget to mention it in the comment section below and for more such articles stay tuned!








How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android | Step by Step (2021)

Hotmail is becoming very popular nowadays for android users. But, many people are facing some difficulties in checking Hotmail junk mail on their phone so In this article, I will be solving all your issues about Hotmail Junk and tell you how to access access Hotmail junk.

  • How to check Hotmail Junk mail on android? 1) Login to your Hotmail account
  • 2) Then open your Hotmail mailbox through the icon on the left hand of the screen.
  • 3) After that go to Settings<<Options.
  • 4) You will come across the Junk Email section, go through it and you will be able to find all your Junk mails there.

These 4 steps will easily make you get access to your Junk Mails in a few minutes.


If you haven’t set up or haven’t created an account on Outlook, then you can watch this video to learn how you can set up outlook.

And, if you want to link your google mail account with Outlook/Hotmail, then make sure you watch this video.

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is the first email platform provided by Microsoft. It comes with the best facility features and services, the main reason why nowadays millions of people are using a Hotmail account worldwide.

But with mails comes junk mails, it is the point at which somebody continues sending you undesirable emails which can be extremely irritating.

There can be times when you would want to check that junk mails folder to make sure no important mail is mistakenly trapped there and for that very reason, we are here to explain you step by step on how to check Hotmail junk mail on your Android.

Other Problems You Might Face

Below are some other problems/issues and their solution that you might face while using Hotmail.

How to turn on the Junk mail option in your Hotmail?

A frequently asked question is how we can turn on the Junk Mail option in our Hotmail as people are often faced with the problem of their inbox being flooded with irrelevant emails. The process is simple:

  • Go to the Settings gear icon of your mail account.
  • Click on the View all settings that you will find at the bottom of the menu.
  • Then go to Mail and then on the option of Junk Email.
  • After that type, a sender’s email address or domain into the text box in the Safe sender’s area.
  • Press Add<<click Save at the top.

How do I stop emails from going to junk mail?

If you are a person who is not willing to send their mails to the Junk, this question will definitely solve your query. All you have to do is go to the Junk and then the Junk email option which you can find in the Delete group of the Home tab. 

As the Junk mail dialog box opens, go to the options tab. There check the option No Automatic Filtering and whether the mail from blocked senders is still moved to the Junk E-mail folder option or not.

How do you Unjunk an email in Outlook?

Another query that arises quite often is when people’s important mail sometimes mistakenly lands into the Junk mails section. I can sense the kind of worry people face after that but by following a few simple steps you can unjunk your mails. Cool Right!

If you find a message that isn’t junk, drag it back to the Inbox or any folder. You can also mark the item as not junk by doing the following: Click Home > Junk > Not Junk.

How to block unwanted emails in Hotmail?

Many people face the problem of unwanted emails in their Hotmail which not only shifts the focus from the important ones but also disturbs the professional work setup. Hotmail also provides the feature of taking care of such unwanted mails. 

All you have to do is first open your Hotmail mailbox and click on the Options located at the upper-right corner of the page. Then you have to select the More Options and under the Preventing junk email, option, click the Safe and blocked senders option. 

After that press, the Blocked senders option and enter the email address or domain on the box labeled ‘Blocked email address or domain’ and Click Add to list.

How do I retrieve deleted junk mail from Hotmail?

Another mistake that people often commit is deleting the important Junk mail from their Hotmail account. If the mail was extremely important this can be a scary situation, but Hotmail provides a solution for that as well after all we all are human beings and human beings can commit mistakes right!

  • Go to the top of the message list
  • Select the option to Recover items deleted from this folder.
  • Select the items you want to recover and select the Restore option. Now you might be wondering where do the recovered items go? So different categories of things go to different places. Your messages will go to your inbox, the calendar items will go to your calendar, the Contacts will go to the contacts folder. and the tasks will end up in your tasks folder.

How to Delete Hotmail Account?

To delete a Hotmail / Outmail account on android, follow these steps:-

  • Login to your Hotmail Account
  • Click on our profile picture located at the top right then click on
  • my account
  • Now click on the Security tab, now choose more security options
  • Then Microsoft will ask us to put a cell phone number to use as security but we can also put an email so tap the drop-down arrow and enter your email.
  • Then select your country.
  • In the phone number option, type your phone number to verify, we can choose to have the code sent by text or call click.
  •  Now, activate all the boxes by clicking to confirm that you agree with all the terms and conditions of deleting the Hotmail account.
  • Click on “Select a Reason” and select the reason why you want to delete your account.
  • Then click on ‘Mark Account for Closure’
  • Now, your account is deleted, however, you can recover your account within 60 days if your mind changes, and after 60 days your account will be permanently deleted.
If you want to recover your account, then you can watch this video:-


Hotmail is a useful service from Microsoft and over the years it has gained a lot of users. Users can easily send or receive files and documents in the shortest time with the help of a Hotmail account making it a perfect way to communicate both formally and informally. 

In this article, I have tried to cover all the common questions users often face. Junk mails can be a huge distraction but Hotmail provides us with all the features to handle them in the best possible manner. 

Was I able to answer all your queries, would you like to add something, if Yes! I would love to hear from you in the comments section and for more content like this stay tuned.