15 Study Apps For Students To score more than 95% in Exams

15 Helpful Apps For Students To score Good Marks

 15 Apps for students that will help you score marks. After reading this you will be curious to know about these apps.

Are you not scoring good marks in examination? Then What you can do?

Here I have 15 study apps which will help you in your studies and will make your percentage better.

Firstly, I want to tell that these apps will not generate marks for you, It’s you who have to work harder and score marks.

Helpful Apps for students

These apps will just support you in making time tables, helping you to follow them and these applications will also get you notes and study material for your field.

Scoring marks is an easy job but scoring good marks is hard, these apps will help you in scoring marks and will be your left hand in studying.

There are many apps for students but very few are good and helpful.
In this post, we will be talking about the helpful apps for students which are good and these apps will help you in study.

Apps For Both College and School Students

These apps are for college students as well as school students as both want to score marks or pass there examination.

Firstly, for studying we need study material or notes for our specific field, my first 3 apps are study apps which will help you get material.

  • Merit Nation:Opens in a new tab. This app is the best study material in India. This app provides over 9000 sample papers for both CBSE and ICSE board exam for classes 6th to 12th. It provides free homework help and it also clear doubts. Meritnation is not only for school students, but It also provides free courses for medical and engineering entrance exams. This app has a massive rating of 4.3 with more than 1.5 crores, happy students.
  • SocraticOpens in a new tab.: Science and maths problems are a little different. When you get a wrong answer then you become confused that at what place you have done wrong. This application will help you in this situation. You just need to click the photo of the question and then it will automatically give the solution of the question with a brief explanation. It has an amazing 4.6 ratings with 5 million+ downloads.
  • Brainly:Opens in a new tab. It is the world’s largest social learning app. It provides free homework help with very fast questions solutions and explanations. With brainly, you can share your knowledge as well with millions of students. Brainly covers education levels, such as elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. It has 10 million + happy students with a massive rating of 4.7.
  • English Grammar Test: Opens in a new tab.Are you struggling with your grammar or Is your grammar weak?

    If yes then this app might win your heart. This app takes a grammar test according to your skill (you have to select beginner test or advanced test). If you go wrong then this app gives you a proper and brief explanation that why your answer is wrong or why this answer is correct. It has 1 million+ downloads with ratings of 4.8. I highly recommend this application.

  • Neuro Nation:Opens in a new tab. Now Neuro nation is a logical reasoning app that gives you some reasoning questions to answer. There are many reasoning exams worldwide so it may help you in the future. Not only this, but it also does brain training which will help you to memorize things faster and focus on a particular thing easily. This application can help you a lot in examinations. This app has 10 million + downloads plus 4.5 ratings.
  • Todait:Opens in a new tab. Now, you have gathered resources or notes to learn but still you need a very important element which is a plan or timetable. Now, this is the place where todait takes place. Todait means Today do it. You just type in the subject and then Todait makes a time table for you. Todait automatically plans and divides your study materials over a specific period of time. This application has 1 million+ users including 4.5 ratings.
  • Forest:Opens in a new tab. Now you have made a time table as well and trying to follow it as well but after 5 minutes you try to use your phone. For the solution, the Forest app is best for you, in this app you have to select a specific time, if you are going to study for 60 minutes then set the time for 60 minutes. Once you set the time then you can’t use your phone for 60 minutes. Once you set the time a little plant start growing which becomes a tree when you complete 60 minutes. When you keep completing this, then you will make a forest. If you can’t stop your mind for using the phone then you have to give up and if you give up then all your forest will vanish. This app has 10 Million+ downloads with 4.4 ratings.
  • Help me Focus: Opens in a new tab.When you are studying then your phone is the biggest distraction. To avoid phone while studying, help me focus app is best for you as it blocks some app for a specific period of time. These apps will be selected by you according to your needs. I recommend blocking all social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, and You tube.
  • Loop Habit:  According to share.upmc.com Opens in a new tab.Bad habits affects your brain which ends with losing memorizing power and losing concentration and losing concentration means losing marks. In order to control your bad habits, loop habit will help you. This will help you to reduce your bad habits and develop good habits which will help in concentration and memorizing things faster.
  • Any Text to speech app:  If you don’t like reading notes then this type of application will help you. Any Text to speech app automatically convert text to speech. Everyone knows that listening is better than reading, this kind of app will read your notes and after that it will speak your notes. , then you can easily listen to it. Some of the free Text to speech apps are Narrator’s voice, Google text to speech,Opens in a new tab. and Text to speech TTSOpens in a new tab. ,etc.Opens in a new tab.
  • Calm:Opens in a new tab. Relaxing is important as you can’t concentrate on your studies until you are not relaxed. This calm app Opens in a new tab.will make you relax and calm you down by which you can study with full energy and with full focused mind. 
  • QuoraOpens in a new tab.: it is a popular one, this is a siteOpens in a new tab. as well and is an app Opens in a new tab.also. In this app, you can ask your any query or question then people worldwide will answer you. You can also answer other’s questions, if you know the answer. Thousands of students are using this application for there studies and are getting results as well.To use Quora,Opens in a new tab. you just need to create a google account or if you already have one then you can login with it.
  • Sleepo: Opens in a new tab.
    Opens in a new tab.

    According to Healthline.comOpens in a new tab. effective sleeping matters and also it makes us to focus more effectively. Now firstly i would like to say that, effective sleeping does not means sleeping for 11 or 12 hours, it means sleeping for less hours but effectively. Now if you want to sleep effectively ,then SleepoOpens in a new tab. will help you. Sleepo Opens in a new tab.has a large varieties of musics and sounds which are super relaxing. You just need to set up time that for how much time this music should be played. After the selected time, the music will automatically stop and will give you a good and effective sleep.

  • Blue light filter Night:Opens in a new tab.  According to Preventblindness.orgOpens in a new tab. Mobile phone rays destroy our eyes which results in Bad sleep. If you use phone just before sleeping then, you will not get a good sleep which means you  will loose concentration which results in low marks. Mobile screens lays out blue rays from it which is very harmful for our health, which destroys our sleep. To control this problem Blue Light Filter is best for you as it reduces the amount of blue rays coming from the mobile screen  which will help you to get a perfect sleep and make your eye’s healthy.
  • AlarmyOpens in a new tab.: Now you got a good sleep, Now it is important for you to get up early as well. Alarmy is the best application for this. It works like a simple alarm but has one extra function which can’t make you sleep. You have to complete tasks to stop the alarm, like Take a photo to dismiss, shake phone dismiss or solve maths problems to dismiss. Till you complete task you will wake up.
  • Good Wall:Opens in a new tab. Many a times we failed to score good marks and then we get demotivated. In this situation Good Wall app will help you out. In this app worldwide People comes and share there success. By seeing there success you will get motivated. Scrolling through the feeds of students in their achievements is encouraging to study and to learn while having fun. It so self-motivating to upload personal milestones. Its great app for students to connect with co-students and even professionals.

Which app you find the most helpful? Tell us in the comments.

One Important thing, if you are a mac user and need some good apps for that, then you must check out this article on digital inspirationOpens in a new tab. which covers essential mac apps.

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Before I end up, I would like to present a Quote:

Yes study sucks! But Trust me not more than Failure does.


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