9 Secret clash of clans Tips That no one tells in September 2019

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9 Secret Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans

9 Secret Clash of clans Tips and Tricks That No-one Tells, when you read this then you will be thinking what are those and what can be those? am I right? There are some secret tips or tricks which are not too much know or we can say lesser-known.

Clash of Clans Lesser-Known tips

Some tips are commonly told by people but in this post you will read those secret tips & tricks which are not known by anybody or they don’t tell. This post can change your clash of clans career as it contains a lot information which you must read or know.

Here is the secret clash of clans tips & tricks which can make your game play better a lot that much that you can find a huge difference between your past game play and your present game play.

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clash of clans on mobile

All the secret tips and tricks are personally used by me from years, I just want to share my experience with you all.

Clash of clans is a really tough game and needs a lot of time to become a pro so it is a game that takes time. so here are the best tips and tricks that can be very very useful to you to become a pro.


These secret clash of clans tips and tricks will help you to improve your time and by all the tips and tricks you can save your time as well, I am pretty sure that after reading this article you will become a pro or make your game play better in Clash of clans so let’s get started.

Tips and Tricks are as follows:

1. The tip no. 1 will make your earning elixir or dark elixir through events, HOW? Let’s see by events the rate of the troops become less and when the event got finished the price goes to its original place.

 See when few hours are left for the event then train all the troops whose event is going on.

 Let’s take an example , imagine that it’s golem event is going on and I am town hall 9 and the event is going to end soon then you have to fill your army with golem-like train all the golems in your army and when the event gets closed or finished than remove the golem at the event price of golem is 45 and the original price is 450 then as I am a town hall 9 I can train 8 golems so, the price I paid = 45 * 8 = 360 dark elixir and then if I remove them after the event then I will receive back it’s original price which is 450 and if I remove all of them then 450 * 8 = 3600 so I gained a lot of profit which is equal to 3600-360 = 3240 dark elixir which is enough a lot.

 So you can do the same thing with p.e.k.k.a as well then you will gain up to a profit of 500000 elixirs in the same way you can do so with other troops as well, I will recommend to do it with heavy troops which are expensive.

 One thing more, you have to apply this tip on the 2nd space of army camp if you do it with 1st army camp space as well then you will receive nothing from the 1st army camp so apply this tip only with 2nd space of army camp.

2.  The second tip is for new players who haven’t unlock all the builders yet.

Many people come down or drop their trophies for loot as in lower leagues there is more loot so when they come down they just put a troop and then surrender see if you’re also doing this than you should or must drop an archer at the corner where there is a builder’s hut at all the corners so that you can complete the task of destructing 500 builder huts as soon as possible and then you can get many gems which can be used to unlock builders so this trick can be very useful.


3.  The next trick is for clan leaders or co-leaders. You can invite players from leagues as there are many players without clan so go and invite them. Many people don’t know this thing and they just go on global and beg to join.

I have made clan many times and run them as well, I have noticed that I have received up to 85% of my clan’s top members with the help of league only.

If you want to make your clan grow then you have to do this, I have written an articleOpens in a new tab. which shows some more related tactics for tips to make a successful clan, you can read this by pressing here.

in that post, I had written what are the various ways by which you can grow your clan or run your clan successfully. So, what are you waiting for? go fast and read that article by clicking here.Opens in a new tab.

4.  The fourth trick is that loot is not only at lower leagues there is a lot of loot at higher leagues as well as when I was a town hall 8 I pushed to Titan and I always received more than 4 lakhs at every raid, yes it is hard to attack but if you want to get to higher leagues than you can do it and loot as well.

5. The fifth trick is for players having more than one Id.

 The tip is that if you’re in a clan with your both Id and no one is online during that time to donate you so you usually switch your id and donate it with your second account but sometimes in the time you are switching a new player donates you wrong donation which can make you angry and would be very bad for you . The one more main thing is that while switching account it takes up to 10 minutes to switch as you have to donate and come back as well which wastes your time a lot.

So here is a solution download the parallel space app by which you can dual your any app or game like clash of clans what it will do is , it will allow you to switch your account in seconds but here’s a problem as well this app takes a lot of space for this here’s a solution for Xiaomi users as there is a setting option which allows you to use dual apps as well .

6. This trick is for the players which cannot upgrade walls easily. So in this tip what you have to do is upgrade your walls daily according to the level of walls like if you have level 9 walls then daily upgrade 3 or 4 walls, just like that you have to see how many walls to upgrade according to their level. One thing more, the lower the level of walls is, the higher the walls should get upgrade daily.

This means if the level of the wall is 5 or 6 then you must upgrade more than 10 walls daily.

Upgrade them daily and see your base walls will be max very soon. 


7.  This tip is for players who do not want to lose their elixir when getting attacked by anyone else. Many times we loot a lot for hours and hours, work hard and collect millions of elixir but lose them when they go offline, it’s very terrifying and sad.

 For the solution to this, you can just train troops that are costly or expensive. Let’s put a microscope on this topic.

 Do you know that when you delete the trained troops no refund is cut so if you trained expensive troops before going offline, then some of your elixir collection will be saved in the barracks and no one can loot from there? Let’s put examples, imagine that I have 4,000,000 elixirs and my town hall 9, now I trained 120 wall breakers each of them costing 3000 elixirs, then it will cost to me 3000 x 120 =  360000 which is 10% of my loot.

Now if I tomorrow remove all the wall breakers when I get online then I will receive back the 10% of my loot and 10% of my loot will be saved From the enemy, the same you can do this with dark elixir with a golem. While doing this make sure you do it at your 2nd army space as we don’t get anything by removing troops original or 1st army space.

8. Try to talk more in the chat I am not saying to use abusive languages and more bad languages here we are talking about that you should talk friendly, what it does, let’s see:

When you talk in chat many new friends are also made their which can be beneficial to you as you can ask for troops from them and they will easily give you and when you make a clan they will join it as well but not just yet this can help you to find a good clan as well but the trick is not just ended, if you’re confused what to upgrade next then you can ask your friend or just ask on global chat by which you can get suggestions and you can be able to choose the right troop to upgrade.

9. This tip is for the players which are pushers, it is not necessary to use the troops which are in the event only as many players do pushing and try to use event troops and they lose trophies , I am not saying to not complete the events , I am saying to complete event only when you’re free or trying to push so use the trick and become a pro.


I hope all the 9 tricks will help you and you’ll be thankful to me if you feel so they don’t feel shy to share this post with your friends so that they could also get it and become a Pro player in clash of clans.

Bottom Line
If you apply these 9 clash of clans secret tips, then I am pretty sure that you will move to the journey of success in clash of clans.


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