Make a Successful Clan in Less Time Clash of Clans

21 Tips to Make and Run a Successful Clan

Making a clan is easy in Clash of ClansOpens in a new tab. but Making a successful clan is hard and it’s not a child’s play. You might have made a clan but it is not going on correctly and not able to generate members. Here I have a solution for you, 21 Tips to Make a Successful Clan in less time or 21 Ways to Get Clan members fast in Clash of clans. 

If Your clan is not successful or not having good players then these 21 Tips To Build a successful clan is for you only.

Make a Successful Clan in Less Time

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These tips are based on my clan leader experience as I am a leader of a level 13 clan so I want to share some tactics that made my clan grow.

I am pretty sure that after reading this article, you will be able to build a successful clan in the clash of clans in very little time.

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Here are 21 tips and tricks by which you can make a successful clan in clash of clans very easily.

So tips and tricks are as follows :

  • When you start a clan, make sure it is set as Anyone can join. It is very important as now anyone can join your clan. One important thing, once your clan reaches 25+ members, then you can set your clan as invite-only.
  •  Invite as many players as possible, Firstly you need to go and invite members on global chat and then there are two ways by which you can invite players, they are:- 1. Type this regularly: Join here guys, Join for troops, Join here only, Join active war clan. By this, we can say you have to force people to join your clan and it is 50% chances that they will stay at your clan. 2. You need to type about your clan once and then have to go to another global chat  Like this: 🎉 Need th6+ players 🎉 Full donations here 🎉 Continuous wars here 🎉 Join here only! This makes your text attractive and most probably people will join your clan.
  • Be Friendly on Global chat: In the previous tip, I told you how you can invite players but if you just say JOIN HERE or Join, then no one will join your clan, you have to be friendly with others as well, like talk normally with the people on global chat and then make him your friend then you can ask him to join your clan. He will join you as well because now he is your friend, there is a relationship between you and him. This method is the most effective method which I have used in my clan many times.
  • Don’t waste your time at Norsk language : Many YouTubers or people say that do Norsk language and invite players but this is not of new clans as people on Norsk language always search high-level clan and your clan is of level 1 only so try to search players on English language only if your clan is not in good conditions after when your clan grows than you can find players on Norsk language so don’t waste time in Norsk language global.
  • Try to talk friendly as much as possible with new members: If you will talk friendly with other players they will also see that this is a friendly clan and the chances of members to stay in clan increases.
  • Donate as much as possible: Donation is most important part of making a successful clan as mostly players joins because they think that there is good donation here, if there is no donations than there are no benefits of people and there would be no reason that people would join you so donate as much as possible  this is the most important thing !!!
  • Be Online/Active: As you are the leader you have to be online as there is currently no one to whom you can believe that he would help your clan to grow so no one will donate anyone so chances increases that people would leave so you have to be online and donate and invite players.
  •  Kick out nonactive players: Kick out the players which are not active as they are useless they didn’t play wars and help you to grow so kick out them.
  • Kick out Players who do not donate: If your clan has more than 30 members, then you can apply this tip. One important thing, before kicking send a mail to your clan by just saying “Donate or Get Kicked” or “If you don’t donate, you will get kicked”. This will be like a warning. After sending this mail, you can wait for 1 or 2 days, then start kicking those players without a single donation.
  •  Invite players from your own league: When you will go to your league there will be up to 100 players and there will be at least 10 players without clan you can invite them and there is a 40% chance that they can join you. In this way, you can invite players in different ways.
  • Promote all the player’s co-leader: This tip is for the only new clan as many players want to become co and they will find their profit here and they will join you but be sure this tip will help you till your clan is not grown-up  When your clan becomes level 3. Then you can demote them and players on which you can believe promote them to co-leader.
  •  If a big player joins you and ask you for co and many players in your clan are elder or member then you should not give him as many or most players Ask co and when they got promoted they kick out all the players so be safe.
  •  Invite all your friends from your social tab: I have seen many people who don’t do this simple thing. This is important as how your friend will be able to know about your clan until and unless you tell them.
  •  Make a clan only when your town hall is above town hall 8.
  • Play wars continuously as many players join a clan for wars.
  • Advertise: Advertise your clan on YoutubeOpens in a new tab. by going to live streams and commenting about your clan so that other viewers can be able to know about your clan. You can also promote your clan on FacebookOpens in a new tab. by joining groups and telling them about your clan. This really works, my 30% of members came from social media only. You can also apply the same to other social media sites like InstagramOpens in a new tab., twitterOpens in a new tab., twitch, etc.
  • Ask your believable friend who can help you to grow a clan because two is better than one, you can share the leader with him as well.
  • Write strict but kind rules in your clan description: It is very important to write the rules of your clan and the laws which should be followed by your clanmates so that people could read them and join your clan.
  •  Select a different and unique name: Select a unique name as your clan name is the most important don’t give the name like ‘coc warriors’ or ‘coc legends’ as they are very common. Select a different name so that you can tell your friends to search for this and they will easily find your clan.
  • Always have a good clan badge as it is important that your clan look attractive as this attractiveness will make people join your clan, this is as much as important as your clan name.
  • Never Lose Hope: There will be stages where your clan will not win wars or do not get members in the clan but you have to stay up and never lose your hope.
  • Remove friends from your social tab: Many people give a friend request to all the people, even when they don’t know them. This makes their social tab overfilled, and those unknown people don’t join your clan which is bad. So, before adding someone in your social tab, make sure to build a relationship between that person and you. Then invite him to your clan. Then there is a 40% chance that he will join your clan.
  • Add all the clanmates, in your social tab: In the previous tip, I told you to not add unknown people in your social tab, but add only 50 friends, and then you can add all the clan members in your friend’s list. This is really helpful, as now you can keep a check on your clanmates. Now, you can get to know that currently which clan member is online.
  • Make your war log hidden: If you haven’t won wars or if your war log is bad, then your war log must be hidden for people who want to join your clan. As I already told you that many people join for war, and if they see your bad war log then they will not join your clan. You can hide your war log by just going to clan settings.
  • Join others clan: See, if your clan is new or you are trying to rebuild it, then you can score well in clan games as in that time you will not have that many good members. In this situation, you can join other clans which is of the same level and is similar to your clan. You can build a relationship with the clan leader, and make him your friend. Then, you can shift your clan members to that clan, only till clan games. You can make your second id and leave it as a leader in your clan. This gives a high chance that you and your clan members will score and win more in clan games. In this situation, both clans will get a benefit as they also get a high opportunity to win big in clan games. So, just make a relationship with other clan leaders and enjoy.
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Before I end up, I would like to present a Quote:

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One last bonus tip, Implementation: This is the most important tip, implement all the tips that I have told to you, as if you don’t implement them then you can’t make a successful clan. If you implement these 21 tips then I pretty sure that you will make a successful clan in less time.


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