21 Free Fire Tips That Will Make You Pro in Less Time

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Free fire pro tips


Free fire tips that will make you a pro in less time. Free fire is getting popular day by day. Many players  are pro in the game but some or many of them are not as they are not able to play properly or not knowing some techniques or tricks.

In This post I am going to tell you some Free fire tricks which will make you pro in less time.

I am pretty sure that after reading this post you will become a pro in free fire in very less time.

Free Fire is an iconic game with good graphics and amazing gameplay. The truth is that this game is a hard game and everyone is searching for tips and tricks or strategy for the game so here I have the free fire lesser-known tips which can make your skill better and your kill percentage better.

Free fire Tips can Make You Pro in less time

These 21 Free Fire Tips and Tricks are going to help you and you will be finding a sudden great positive change in your free fire gameplay in two-three days, and hopefully, you will become pro in a few days.

Before we start I would like to tell that it is said that-

“If you don’t know what it is then you can’t do it “so firstly I want to tell that you have to put efforts on the game , you have to learn from the game and see  what are its controls ,only then you will be able to know what the game is and how it works.

The Free Fire Tips begins here

2. Reloading – Many players get killed while reloading, You may also get killed while reloading so here is a thing which can save you from getting killed.

Reload behind a cover, a cover can be anything in solid i.e, tree, house, fence, etc.

3. Reload – Another reloading tip as this is the main factor of getting killed.

Try to reload when there is no one and also try to always have reloaded bullets.

4. Make Decisions – You know that free fire is a game of decisions and if you make a wrong decision at the wrong time then your death is almost confirmed.

5. Behave like a Noob- Try to behave like a Noob if your enemy is near you so that he does a mistake of thinking you a new player.

And then, this will make the enemy taking this fight easy (but in reality it’s not) and doing mistakes. Now, you can easily take advantage of this and kill him but while killing you don’t have to behave like a Noob, you just have to pretend like a Noob.

6. Slow internet connection – Even if you are a good player then also this problem is faced. When your phone lags it’s much frustrating so if you are facing this difficulty then playing solo mode is better, and you can also check this for that.

7. Assume that you are safe – In Free Fire no one is safe, But if you try you can be. So, besides just hiding and running assume the surroundings or see the surroundings that are they safe or not so keep a check on your surroundings and be safe.

8. Over looting – Many players in free fire play only for loot, I have seen if they get vest level 2, they will immediately go for vest level 3.

By this thing, players are not able to kill as their main focus is on looting not killing. Looting is important but over looting is not good.

So, utilize what you have and play accordingly.

9. Jump – Jumping while killing anyone is one of the best ways to kill in the free fire.

This makes the enemy confuse and makes easy to kill the opponent.

To apply this you have to change some settings which include resizing the size of the jump button, this is very important as if you can’t see or touch the button properly then how can you press or apply jump in your gameplay.

The second thing is that before the match started you get some time to practice, in this you should just jump and jump so that your hand becomes comfortable with the jump button.

10. Gun Combination – The best gun combination is Groza / M79 with M1873, and the combination of Ak-47 and M1014 is also great.

11. Walk silently – This setting is very important as if you don’t apply this setting then your opponents will be able to recognize your location and would kill you. For this just press the med kit button once before running. Now you can easily enter a house silently [very helpful in the squad]

12. Hold glue grenades – Holding glue grenades in hand while running in an open space helps you to react immediately against any vehicle or enemy. What you can simply do is, to drop the glue grenade when an enemy attacks you and use it as a cover.

13. Avoid fighting and looting while shrinking – Avoid fighting and looting while shrinking, even if you win the fight you will die in shrink so it’s better to avoid fight and loot.


14. Run zigzag while going to tower – It is important to run in zigzag while moving to tower as if you move straight even a noob will headshot you easily.

15. Crouch while using a medkit or repair kit – This will help you as no one would be able to headshot you easily while crouching.

16. Jump in the water to move faster – Do you know jumping in water makes you move faster? Yes, it’s true if you jump on the water and then move your speed automatically increases.

17. Don’t land on center – Landing at the edge of the location to avoid attacks of enemies from all sides and to better know the position of the enemy.

18. Never jump shoot unnecessarily – I have seen many players jump unnecessarily. They think that jumping makes them pro, yes it will but you need to calculate and find out when to jump, don’t need to jump every time. Jump shoot makes your opponent confuse but it is important to use it when necessary.

19. Sniping improves aim – The only thing in Free fire which can improve your aim in less time is sniping so take a sniper in solo and practice every day until your aim gets smooth as butter.

20. Always remember no building is safe and every building has a disadvantage which is set by game developers. So to keep a balance between campers and rushers fit this thing into mind to make strategies before going into any building and don’t rush into the building like a fool.


21. Be confident – Be confident while playing the game. Don’t think that they look like a good player so they will kill you easily, this mentality will kill you, not the opponent. If you will play the game with this mentality you can’t become pro, you have to be confident that you can kill him, you must give your best to every fight.

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I hope you have understood all this and liked the content as well.

Tell your one of the best moments of Free fire in the comments and if you have any difficulty in the game you are free to ask in the comments.

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