Can People See If you screenshot Instagram story in 2021? The Truth!

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Can People See If you screenshot an Instagram story
You may take screenshots of other people’s posts and stories on the Instagram daily but there’s a myth going on right now that people can now be notified that you took a screenshot by Instagram. But, do people can really see if you screenshot an Instagram story in 2020.
I have heard this myth from my many buddies and many people also asked me through email and any other social media. 
So, I started doing research on it and went into the history of all this. Let’s find out what I’ve got.

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The truth is they used to do notify people when you screenshot an Instagram post or story in the past few years.

Why This Feature was Launched By Instagram

In the past few years, people on Instagram take a screenshot of any story they like and then post it on their account or sometimes they just keep it with them inside the photos gallery.
Instagram stories were not meant for this. So, finally, Instagram launched this feature and started notifying Instagram users that someone had taken a screenshot of their post or story.
But, In June 2018 this feature was eliminated by Instagram due to many other Instagram user’s requests. 

Does Instagram Notify when you Screenshot a Post or Story in 2020

Currently, it is 2020going on, and the things I told you in the above lines were of 2018 so how can people see if you screenshot Instagram story in 2020?

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Instagram stopped sending a notification to the Instagram userOpens in a new tab. when you click a screenshot but they do this instead of sending a notification. 
Instagram now (2020) shows a little camera or star-like icon just beside the handle of the person who took the screenshot of the story (Not post) instead of sending a notification. The icon looks like this:-

What will be Notified to IG Users?

Not only Screenshots, but Instagram can also notify screen recordings of IG stories or posts. Screenshots of stories posted by an Instagram user will be notified to him/her. This applies to screen recordings too.

NOTE:- If you take a screenshot of an Instagram post, then the post owner will not be able to see that you took a screenshot. Only screenshots of Instagram stories are detected. 

How to Avoid Screenshots Getting Detected By Instagram?

Now you know that Instagram detects screenshots in 2020 now what to do? You can’t really stop screenshotting. Even, I screenshot many IG stories. I implement the following things to not be detected by Instagram that I took a screenshot.

#1 Use Laptops or PC

Instagram currently cannot detect screenshots taken from laptops and PC. So, this might be a jackpot for you. 
But, screenshots of Instagram on laptops are not quite good as then you might have to crop the image or edit the image. 
This is the only drawback of this but you are free to take a screenshot and post it anywhere you want.

#2 Install any Chrome Extension like IG stories for Instagram

You can directly take a screenshot on your laptop or pc now, but in future  Instagram may track this so you can install this chrome extension for safety.
Follow These step to do so:
  • Install IG Stories for InstagramOpens in a new tab. chrome extension directly from this link. (I hope you know how to install any Chrome extension. If not read this guide on how you can install any Chrome extensionOpens in a new tab.)
  • Now, once you logged in to your IG account, you can find that there are download icons just near the person’s story. Click that button to download his/her story.

What if You Don’t Own a Laptop or PC

Everybody knows that chrome extensions can only be installed on laptops or PC. But, if you only have a phone, then you can follow this guide to install any Chrome extension on a phoneOpens in a new tab.. This guide will help you install this chrome extension on your smartphone and then you can use this on your phone.

#3 Using Airplane Mode

The above tactics were mostly based on laptops and PC’s but I know most of you will be using Instagram on your smartphone, (even I use it on a smartphone). 
So, here’s a way to avoid screenshots getting detected by Instagram.
Airplane mode switches off your device’s internet connection or any other type of connection. And, this will cut your supply with Instagram.but this will not close the picture.
Take a screenshot after enabling the Airplane mode.

How to Enable Airplane Mode

Now, the question comes how you can enable Airplane mode. Here is a step by step guide on how you can enable airplane mode.
How to Enable Airplane Mode on Android
  • Swipe down from the top or simply open the tool panel or the place from which you open the Internet.
  • Find an airplane icon and tap on it. (If you do not find this option, tap on more options or add)
  • This will enable airplane mode. 
How to Enable Airplane Mode on the iPhone
  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or open the place from which you open the mobile data (tools)
  2. Find an airplane icon and tap it.
  3. Airplane mode is successfully enabled.

#4 Using Apps

You can avoid Instagram detecting your screenshots by downloading apps. 
You can download the Screen Shield KitOpens in a new tab. for iPhones and Private ScreenshotOpens in a new tab. for Android phones.
These apps will help you take screenshots without getting caught by Instagram.

#5 Be Offline

First, open your Instagram app and login there.  Then, disable your mobile data. This will cut the supply with Instagram and Instagram will not be able to track you. That’s a jackpot for you!
Then take a screenshot and you’re done.
One major drawback of this is that you can only take screenshots of 2-3 posts because your internet connection is off.
So, these were the five ways to avoid getting caught by Instagram. If you still have some confusion, you are free to comment below. I’ll reply within an hour.

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The main conclusion is that people can see if you have taken any screenshots. Instagram notifies people that you have taken a screenshot in 2019. You can follow the above steps to avoid getting detected by Instagram while clicking a screenshot.


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