7 Easy Yet Working Ways To Remove Youtube Shorts On Yt App

Disable Youtube Shorts

Youtube’s recent feature- Youtube shorts are getting popular with insane speed but people get very addicted to it (the endless scrolling problem) and there are also a lot of cringe videos on it so it becomes important to get rid of this addiction but Youtube is also a great platform for education purpose so you can’t really delete the app so what can you do?

In this article, I have shared 4 super easy yet effective ways to disable Youtube shorts on the Youtube app.

A little back story: Till now I have wasted dozens of hours just scrolling endlessly on Youtube shorts but I decided to get rid of this one day but I can’t delete youtube because I watch Youtube for educational purposes as well. So, I tried looking for different ways to do so and came up with 5 different ways which I will share in this article.

I have shared the best and most efficient method at the end so make sure you check that out as well.

The best and permanent solution is added at the last so make sure you don’t leave without reading that.

1. Tap on Not Interested in the Shorts Feed

Remove Youtube Shorts

The easiest – In you recommended Youtube feed (Home page) when you scroll through videos you get a snippet of shorts videos.

In that snippet, tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the one particular shorts, some options will pop up, tap on ‘Not Interested’.

Follow this step for all the shorts you get in that recommended feed. Once you followed this step on all the shorts, you will not find any Youtube shorts popping up on your recommended feed.

But, the problem with this technique is, the option of Youtube Shorts at the bottom beside the Trending option will still be there. So, it is basically not a permanent solution.

2. Uninstall The Youtube Update – Downgrade to Previous Youtube Version

This was the method I used to get rid of youtube shorts on my phone. It is pretty simple. Here are the steps.

1. Select Youtube & Click On App Info / Search the Youtube App On Settings & Click On App Info

Remove Youtube Shorts

Simply, select Youtube in the way you select an app to uninstall, you will see two options – Uninstall / Disable & App Info – click on App Info.

Remove Youtube Shorts

In many devices you may not see this option, in that case, basically go to Settings, Search ‘App’ and click on something like Apps, Applications, App Manager, etc. , then it will open up a complete list of apps on your phone, search Youtube and click on it.

Remove Youtube Shorts

2. Tap On Disable App

Remove Youtube Shorts

Now, tap on ‘Disable’, it will show you a message: “Disabling a pre-installed app may cause other apps to function incorrectly”, Simply ignore that message and tap on ‘Disable App’.

Remove Youtube Shorts

It may also show that your data will be lost but don’t worry none of your important data will get lost, only the features that were in the updated version will get lost.

If there is no option of Disable, tap on ‘Uninstall Updates’

3. Tap On Okay

Remove Youtube Shorts

Then a message will pop up: “Replace this app with the factory version? All data will be removed.” This basically means that the app will be changed to the version it was of when you bought your phone. Simply click, ‘Ok’

This will take a few seconds.

Once you are done, the Youtube app will get removed from your phone, but don’t worry.

If this message doesn’t pop up on your phone, tap on the two dots at the top right corner and tap on ‘Uninstall Updates’.

4. Tap on Enable

Remove Youtube Shorts

Tap ‘Enable’ and you’ll get your app back. Now the version of your Youtube app will be the old one in which there are no Shorts.

No Youtube Shorts

Although this will not work on new devices that were bought after 18 March 2021 it will work 100% on devices that were bought before that.

I should mention, you will also get some annoying pop-ups to update your app in between while using Youtube but they are not that often, make sure you don’t update it because if you will update it, Youtube shorts will come back ruining your productivity and wasting your time.

3. Install The Old Version Of Youtube

This method is a little complicated but it will work for everyone except the IOS users. The second method had some problem, if your phone is too old then you may come up with a very old poor designed Youtube version which you wouldn’t want.

So, now what I want you to do is – Download the APK of the Youtube app of whichever version you liked and that was released before 18 March.

I would suggest you to install the Youtube version that was released just before the Youtube shorts. You can find that Youtube version here which has good looks as well as have all the features you want.

Install the apk of the old Youtube version.

4. Use Youtube On Browser

Youtube shorts is only available on the Youtube app, many people didn’t knew about it. So, just stop using Youtube and whenever you need to use Youtube, open Google chrome or any other browser and enter Youtube.com

And, you will be away from the shorts distractions.

5. Use Youtube Incognito

I don’t know why but still Youtube shorts do not work on the Incognito mode. They may fix this in the further updates but as of now, Youtube shorts don’t work in Youtube Incognito tab.

To use Youtube Incognito, simply click on your profile photo at the top right corner and tap on ‘Turn On Incognito’.

This is not a permanent solution for shorts but still it works and that’s why I added it in this list.

6. Use the Youtube Vanced App – Best Way

This will work for everyone, it will not only remove Youtube shorts but also fix one of the major problems we all face with Youtube and that is Youtube Ads. It has an inbuilt Adblocker so you will not see any ads while using this technique.


I am also using this method only on my phone and it is freaking awesome.

For IOS users, the best app to remove Youtube shorts is Video Tube, you can find it on the app store, it will remove Youtube ads and will also remove Youtube shorts. There are a ton of other customization you can make as well.

You can download it from hereOpens in a new tab..

1. Install the Vance Kit App

To use this technique, you have to first download the Vanced kit app, it is 100% safe so don’t worry as I am using this for the last 10 days and seen no issues. You can download this app by clicking hereOpens in a new tab..

Click hereOpens in a new tab., if you are a IOS user to download the app.

2. Open the App & Sign In to Your Account

Once you have installed the app, you have done all the hardwork now the only step left is to Signing in to your account, so basically sign in to your account the way you do normally.

3. Enjoy Youtube Without Youtube Shorts & Without Youtube Ads

Youtube Vanced

Now, you’re done enjoy the new Awesome Youtube without Time wasting Youtube shorts and without ‘Video will Play after’ and even all ‘Skipping Ads’ ads.

So, it is a 2 in 1 solution.

7. Set a Timer On Youtube

If you waste a lot of time watching Youtube shorts and even some Youtube videos, then setting up a timer on the Youtube app will probably be the best solution for you.

Although, this will not be a great idea for many of you but trust me it is really helpful especially when you want to be productive but distractions come in the path.

You can do this for any app on your phone, not just Youtube. I was addicted to battle royale games and I applied the same strategy to get rid of that addiction. (it took time although)

Every android and IOS device has this feature, maybe some of the old versions might not have this feature but majority of the devices have this feature.

Follow this tutorial to manage your screen time and set a timer – set a timer for whatever app you think you’re addicted to (In this case set it on Youtube)

If you are unable to find this feature on your phone, don’t worry – there are a ton of other apps that do the same thing, one of the best is Stay Focused.Opens in a new tab.


These were 4 of the easiest and 100% working ways to get rid of Youtube shorts from your phone. If you like the article, feel free to share it with your friends so that once they can also get rid of this addiction of endless scrolling.


Hii, I am Aaditya Sharma founder of Exblogging. I am a tech-savvy, blogger, content writer, freelancer, and hobby gamer. I spend most of my time browsing the web and trying to learn something new.

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