How Long Should an Ebook Be For Better Sales?

How Long Should Ebooks Be

A good ebook that sells more and is loved by everyone is never too short and not too long. To make your ebook sell more, you need to make sure that your ebook is long enough to be helpful for the reader.

In this article, I am going to tell you the right length for your ebook so that it sells the most.

Nonfiction ebooks should be at least 20,000 words long (60-70 pages), you should always try to hit the 100-page mark to get the most sales. Free Ebooks can be shorter with around 3000-4000 words (15-20 pages). While Fiction ebooks should at least be 60,000-80,000 words (200-250 pages).

While, the length of an ebook depends on a lot of other things like the genre, the pricing, the fulfillment of the reader, etc.

So, if you want to get the most sales, you’ll need to understand how much content your audience needs, so stay tuned with the article, as I am going to explain to you the same thing.

Before we begin, you should know why the length even matters in ebook creation.

Does Ebook Length Matter? & Why?.

How Long Should Ebooks Be

An ebook is created mainly because of two things to solve a problem a person is facing and secondly to entertain the person (a kind of novel).

The most common type is the first one.

If an ebook is too short, then the reader would not get everything he needed and give a poor review which will give a very bad impact on further sales.

And he’ll be like:

I Just Wasted My 5 Bucks In This Sh*t

– Reader

An ebook should be long enough to make the reader feel he spent his money on something good.

An ebook should cover all the aspects of the topic in one place, there should be no questions left in a person’s mind about the topic and there should be no section left to be included in the ebook.

And for that ebooks has to be longer and contain more sections so that you can guarantee that there’s nothing left and the reader would be happy to read that much longer information.

Why would you spend 5 bucks on the information you can find on a single article on the internet?

You basically have to think about the reader whether this much info is enough or not.

There is no fixed word length to follow, it all depends on the audience.

If you’re planning to write a fiction book, then you need to think about other ebooks doing good in the fiction books, they all are more than 200 pages.

So, you also need to follow the same route as this basically means people like fiction ebooks to be more than 200 pages.

Finding The Length Of Your Ebook

Genre Minimum My Personal Choice
Fiction 250 350
Non-Fiction 60 140


This table shows you the minimum pages your ebook should have and the number of pages I prefer depending on your genre.

But don’t just take these numbers and just start writing, these numbers are on an average basis.

You may need to write less or maybe more pages depending upon the topic of your ebook.

So, make sure you read the full article as if you didn’t, you may end up writing shorter ebooks that may not make you earn that much money you are trying for.

Topic Of The Ebook

If you are writing a how-to ebook, a problem solver ebook, an ebook that will help the reader in any way; in one word a non-fiction ebook.

Then your ebook has to be longer. As people can easily find this kind of information free on the web.

On Google, the average word length of top-ranking articles is 2000.

So, if you write a 2000 words long ebook on 11 Ways to Make Passive Money online, then people will find better and more information on the web for free.

This should be 101 Ways to Make Money Online and then you should write around 500 words per one method (roughy) and show exactly how to do it, and make the ebook 250 pages long.

This may seem crazy but this is the real secret behind successful ebooks.

If you’re in the nonfiction category, you will have to make sure your ebook is an ULTIMATE RESOURCE for readers.

For the fiction category, you also need to make your ebook long as this is something people like to read, and if you are interested in something, then you can read 200 pages without any difficulty.

So, for fiction ebooks, you must write at least 200 pages.


If you’re writing an ebook in a really competitive place like marketing, then you have to make your ebook longer than average to actually get more sales.

And if you want to get the best seller badge, you’ll need to make sure there’s no ebook there in the market which is better than yours.

“Think Unique & You’ll Easily Beat the Competition”


As we took the above example – 101 Ways To Make Money Online

This kind of topic is going to be really competitive, and there are many ebooks on amazon talking about the same thing so you have to be better than your competition which means you have to include more ways (tips & tricks, etc. ).

And that’s why your ebook has to be longer than the minimum length I told which was 50000 words.

So, go on amazon kindle, type in whatever your topic is and search for the ebooks with the most ratings or take the best sellers.

Buy 4-5 ebooks and see how long they are, see how they have done the work.

One ebook will be good in design, one may be very in-depth, one may have some really cool stats and images.

You have to take all the best sellers and try to find out the reason they are best sellers.

Then replicate the same thing with your ebook, do all the good things your competition has.

This will help you make a better ebook than your competitors.

In terms of length, just make it longer than your competitor.

See how long your competitor’s ebooks are.

Buy 5-6 Best selling / most rated ebooks in your category and see how long they are. Buying competitor’s ebooks will also help you find what’s working currently in your industry. Also, write the specialty and the unique thing about each of the ebooks you buy.

92 pages long and has a really good Table of Content Page which makes it really easy to navigate.


Make Money Online

Mary Sequia

136 pages with a lot of depth


51 Ways To Earn Passive Income Online

Marcus Alpline

61 Pages With a lot of images.


Earn a Full time Income Online

Philip Glacier

87 Pages With a really good design. The design is very professional and good looking.


Realistic Ways to Earn a Lot of Money


114 Pages With a very friendly approach to writing – it seems you are talking with your friend while reading.


Become a Millionaire Working Online

Amy Redwood

54 Pages With a lot of statistics and case studies.


How to Make the Money Work For You


Note: They are not real authors, they are taken just for an example to show you what you need to do.

Take the longest ebook and simply put the number of pages in it in the formulae.

Use my formula to find the best length for your ebook:-

Formula to Find the Right Ebook Length For Your Ebook

In my case, the longest ebook has 136 pages.

So, When I apply the forumla –

136 / 2 + 136 = 68 + 136 = 204 

That means, 204 pages can help me to beat the competition easily.

Reader’s Satisfaction

Have I covered all the sections of the topic or not? Does the reader need more? Will the reader get to know everything about the topic after reading these x number of pages?

Ask these questions to yourself, once you have written the number of pages you got from the formulae I gave above.

“Think Like A Customer To Create The Best Product For The Customer”

– Exblogging

Making your ebook the best ultimate resource that makes the reader satisfied with the investment he made is your Main Goal 🎯

Ask all these questions and if the answer is no to any one of these, research and find what you should add next, think about the next section you can add.

Take at least 30 minutes thinking about this and then start writing.

Take a note of all these things you find in these 30 minutes and then write about each of them.

“Customer Is King And Your Content Is The Service You Provide To The King”


So, try to write quality content that makes the king happy.

Pricing The Ebook With Word Count

Many people in the ebook publishing world suggest pricing your book according to how many pages it has.

Honestly, I am against it as you should always do a/b testing for pricing.

I personally prefer fiction books to not go more than $4.99, while nonfiction books are sold at a higher price but still, it should not be more than $9.99.

You should always test the price, one month it is $4.99, the second month it is $3.99, the third month you can raise it to $7.99.

And things like that, and then see which price tag got the most sales.

Now, let’s come back to our main topic.

Average Size of Ebooks on Amazon

I researched around 20 of the most rated ebooks in the fiction and nonfiction category to see the average size.

So, here’s what I have found.

QuantityFiction EbookNonfiction Ebook
Average Pages319 Pages171 Pages
Highest Pages805 Pages305 Pages

But, this doesn’t mean you will have to write exactly 171 pages to get the most results.

There are many subcategories inside these genres as well.

So, just use my formulae and read what I have told in the article, and then you’ll the perfect length for your particular ebook.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Length

If you have talked about the topic in-depth and have covered all aspects within 20,000 words and you don’t price too much, then you’re good with your ebook.

You don’t necessarily need to increase the word count to 30,000 with just garbage content.

I strictly don’t recommend fluffing up the content with any sort of filler, repeating the same thing again and again, etc.

If you do this with your ebook, then you are basically making your ebook worsen.

So, stop writing when you think you have covered everything about the topic in-depth and there’s nothing left to add.

Bottom Line

I hope this article helped you to find the right length for your ebook but again don’t be too strict about this and fill your ebook with fluff.

Write good quality content that is meaning full and helpful to the reader.

After reading this article, many people will be like, ‘Ok, so I have to write 40,000 words’ and once they reach 40,000 words, they will not think more and just start designing the ebook

This method is not correct. You’ll need to think of it from the reader’s perspective.

As I also told above add all the aspects of a topic, your reader should completely be satisfied after reading it. So, add more content to it.


Hii, I am Aaditya Sharma founder of Exblogging. I am a tech-savvy, blogger, content writer, freelancer, and hobby gamer. I spend most of my time browsing the web and trying to learn something new.

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