How to Earn Money Fast on Fiverr in December 2021| Ultimate Guide

How to Earn Money Fast on Fiverr in 2019

Earn money on Fiverr: Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing websites in which people like you can start selling their services and make some money.
Here’s a quick guide on how you can start making money on Fiverr fast and easily.

Fiverr Gig Ideas

Before you create an account Fiverr you should specialize in any category, it can be anything from video editing to article writing. But, if you don’t have any specialty in any category, then what should you do? Here are some easy Fiverr gig ideas which you can learn and upload the work on Fiverr and start making money online.
  • Acting
  • Voice Over
  • Logo Designing (you can use tools like canva to make logo, it is very easy to do it)
  • Sell Your Diet Plan
  • Be your Girlfriend for a Week (If you are a girl) 
  • Write Positive Reviews about Your Brand
  • Crop photo with a celebrity (use free background remover tools)
  • Share your Website (If you have a ton of followers on any social media site)

How to Earn Money In Fiverr

Here are exactly the steps of how you can start making money from Fiverr.

#1 Practice

The first step is to practice the selected topic or service which you are going to sell on Fiverr because you need to be an expert in it to provide the best user experience. You can select a topic from above to start practice.

#2 Creating a GIG

Once you have practiced your gig content, its time to create your gig. To create a gig, simply click on Create a Gig option and then move to Step 3.

#3 Enter Title

Your gig title should be CATCHY, I like adding capital words in the gig which attracts attention, You can also use some adjectives like amazing, professional, wonderful or others.
Your gig title should be like:- I Will Write an EYE-CATCHING Title For Your Fiverr Gig for 5 USD
Keep in mind that you cannot add symbols in the title or repeat a word in the title. Also, there is a word limit in the Fiverr gig title.  

#4 Keywords or Tags

These are the main point as adding tags or keywords to your Gig will help you get ranked on Fiverr which will help you get the order.
You should add proper keywords related to your gig. Wrong or no use of tags can negatively impact your probability of getting orders. If you don’t get orders you will not earn money.
Example:- If your gig is about writing an article, then you should add tags like:-
                            #articlewriting #blogpost #article #blogpostwriting
You can maximum add 5 tags in a gig.
TIP: I prefer adding all 5 Tags.

#5 Writing Description

Now its time to write a brief description about your gig. I prefer writing in 1200 characters or writing as much in detail as possible. 
TIP: Also add FAQs

#6 Creating an image/thumbnail for the Gig

Your Image of the Gig Should be attractive and eye-catching as buyers searching for services will only see your image and then click your gig.
TIP: You can use tools like canvaOpens in a new tab. to create these eye-catching images.

#7 Publishing Your Gig

Now its time to publish it, Simply press the publish button.

Getting your first order  on Fiverr

Now, you have created a gig, now its time to get the order but you will not get your first order while sitting only because getting your first order on Fiverr is really hard.
Here is one awesome hack to get your first order. 
This hack is sharing your gig on Facebook.
You can promote your gig on facebook groups, you just need to join Facebook groups that are related to your gig topic and then share your gig.
Example:- If I created a gig of a logo designer, then I can go to facebook and search for terms like blogging, bloggers, business owners, websites or something like this because people with a website or business will be looking for a logo. Then I can simply share my gig URL.
This simple tactic can help you to get your first order on Fiverr easily and start earning money online fast.


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