Instagram usernames for girls

Instagram Usernames for Girls that aren’t taken (350+)

350+ Instagram Usernames for Girls

Instagram usernames for girls and only for girls. If you are a girl and on Instagram, then choosing the right username is the toughest and the most complicated job but here, I have made this job easier for you with 350+ Insta usernames for girls. 

In this post, you will be reading 350+ Cool, Attitude, Clever, Funny, Love Usernames for Instagram specially made & found for you.

All the Instagram usernames are not taken yet, as they are manually checked by me so there is no need to worry about the availability.

Why an Instagram Username Matter? | Why Should you have a Good Username?

An Instagram username is your identity not just a set of words. It’s the thing that people will remember you from.If it is not rememberable, not sounds good or in simple words, it is not a good username, then people will not remember you and not see your posts again.


And, if they will not see your posts, then what’s the advantage of having these kinds of followers.

One more benefit of having a good username is that it may increase your followers. Many people follow others by just reading their username, even me sometimes do so.

So, if your username is good then you may get a chance to get more Instagram followers.

Instagram Names for Girls

A name is not just words, it is something which tells about you, like what kind of person you are?
So, choosing the right name is really important.

If you want to choose the right name, then first you need to know what kind of person you are?
And for that, you can give a quick test on, this will make you know more about yourself.


It’s also important, that what type of name you want? whether you want an Instagram name that includes your real name (such names are for personal profile) or a name that doesn’t include your real name (such names are called curation).

In this post, we will be talking about both, you can browse only those types of names which you want as your Instagram name.

Once you know about your personality, now select one best and a good username according to your personality and the type you want.

Firstly, before you select any one of the names, you should know that the username is good/perfect for you or not. But why is it important to have a good username?
An Instagram account with everything good but a bad username can make the account’s popularity fall like rain.

An Instagram username suggests what is your account all about, and if the username is not good then you will give a negative effect on people searching for you.


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You can apply the following checklist with your selected username to find a good Instagram username.

What a Good Instagram Username Should Have?

  • Your selected username should be relevant to your account, if you post your own pics, then your name must be like (@yourname) or add some adjectives like (@wonder your name) Your username can also be like (@scarlettwitch). The main thing I want to confess is that your username should not be your own name, if you are posting dogs or cats photos, in that case, your username should be like (@dogslover) or (@catslover), You must include the keyword (whose photos you post on account) in your username.
  • Your username should be clean, with no underscores, underscores make the name more complex and messy.
  • Short usernames are the best.
  • Easily Recognizable (If you select a username from my list, then you will find that all the usernames are easily Recognizable, so you will not need to check it)

Here are 350+ Instagram names for girls (you), I have divided these names into several sections so that you can select one which you like

Hopefully, after reading this post, you find your perfect Instagram name.

Best Usernames for Instagram

Here is some best Instagram usernames for girls like you. You can select any username you want and yes, you don’t need to worry about their availability because they are not taken by anyone else and also I update them daily.


Attitude Instagram Usernames

If you are an attitude girl, then these names might be your first choice.

  • @BeautyonIG
  • @gigaqueen
  • @Girlonwind
  • @Iamperfectlyperfekt
  • @Dontneedyourhelp
  • @Betterthanyou
  • @IGEmpress
  • @IGczarevna
  • @RoyalenotLoyal
  • @iGDynast
  • @Girlwithattidude
  • @IGinmyblood
  • @Trendyschoolgirl
  • @Beatmeifucan
  • @LionessofIG
  • @Queenboosh
  • @Inspectahattitude
  • @Killndchill
  • @IGgirl
  • @Notevencare
  • @Gameon
  • @Nevereverr
  • @itstartnow
  • @viralgoingfever
  • @fluentqueen

LOVE Instagram Usernames

Are you in love? If yes, then these usernames might be a good choice for you.

  • @Born4love
  • @LuvFeverr
  • @Girlinlove
  • @loverofboyz
  • @AquaticLover
  • @BeauManifesto
  • @BirdLover
  • @Brlover
  • @ChiLover
  • @CincoLover
  • @CooledLover
  • @Flerglover
  • @Folover
  • @Daluvmachine
  • @blondequeen
  • @FlowerinTower
  • @FriendTrend
  • @Jaynlover
  • @miraclelover
  • @LoverBull
  • @misslover
  • @LoverCheese
  • @WhenIluv
  • @LoverComic
  • @luvyourself
  • @Luver
  • @queensbwith
  • @Only2luv
  • @CrazyBaby
  • @Midnightqueen
  • @FlowerLanza
  • @wildlove
  • @Born2Byour

Beauty/Cute Instagram Usernames for Girls

These usernames are perfect for every girl because every girl is beautiful and these usernames will also carry your beauty.

  • @PrettylikeRose
  • @Queensparkling
  • @TheBiggestAttraction
  • @RoyalePrincez
  • @broadwayqueen
  • @Banfqueen
  • @BroadwayQueen
  • @CapoQueen
  • @ChessPrincess
  • @DivaDinner
  • @MellowQueen
  • @Cuteztinworld
  • @MostElegantQueen
  • @MostPrettyend
  • @Prettyhell
  • @Blackbeauty
  • @iGangel
  • @Festivequeen
  • @MostBeautifulNightmare
  • @PattyQueen
  • @PlaceQueen
  • @PrayerPrincess
  • @MissInstagraM
  • @Princes
  • @queendeck

Funny Instagram Username Girls

These are funny usernames and may make you and people seeing you laugh!

  • @Sweetbutcycho
  • @Napgirll
  • @DaddysPrincez
  • @Sweetlikesugar
  • @Fun4funz
  • @bLankGirL
  • @Readyfourfun
  • @Clown4u
  • @Funinmyblood
  • @Entertaining chip

Cool Instagram usernames for girls

  • @Buzzleice
  • @Coolchipz
  • @Singlemuffin
  • @silentblak
  • @Yellowapple
  • @coolbutlonely
  • @FreshMeshh
  • @DarkBlood
  • @Fantasticgirl
  • @Wondercat
  • @Cursedgirl
  • @Buster_Face

Cartoon usernames

Are you a cartoon fan? If yes, then these IG usernames might suit you.

  • @Peekachu
  • @Spidygirl
  • @Femalethor
  • @SuperbbGirll
  • @Irungirl
  • @Shinchugirl
  • @Hella_Godofdeath
  • @ThEwasP
  • @MOANA1999
  • @Pokegirl
  • @hulkqueen

Unique usernames for Instagram

These are some unique and abstract insta usernames for girls.

  • @EnAyEmEe
  • @BlingPing
  • @DownTown
  • @Blackkwack
  • @Queenzen
  • @easytoget
  • @Panicatthedisco
  • @Panickat
  • @Eeelueelu
  • @pNdown

Instagram Names with Moral Meanings (Quotes)

Each of these usernames has its own moral meaning.

  • @Allow4delays
  • @Alwaysbecomeyourself
  • @Audityourmistakes
  • @Bethachange
  • @Commitelsequit
  • @Becolourfulll
  • @Be_stil
  • @Beonest
  • @chillout
  • @Exploremajic
  • @free4ever
  • @followthrouh
  • @Feelinggroowy
  • @Goodviberation
  • @GiveRespect2GetRespect
  • @loosenup
  • @Noticethings
  • @Blikegirll
  • @Riseabove
  • @Feelthereal

Names with your real name

If you want an Instagram username with your real name. Then here is a solution for you. Here is a list of Instagram Usernames that will have your username.

If you want your name to be included in your username, then these usernames might win your heart.
Just replace (name) with your real name.

Cool names

Replace “name” with your real name

  • (Name) theAplomb
  • (Name)theBadass
  • (Name) theAssuredness
  • Bang_up(Name)
  • Cool(Name)
  • Composed(Name)
  • Brilliant(Name)
  • Air_conditioned(Name)
  • Chilly (Name)
  • (Name) theAlright
  • Chilly(Name)
  • Carefree(Name)
  • (Name)theCaller
  • Air-cooled(Name)
  • (Name) theBully
  • Beautiful (Name)
  • Amazing (Name)
  • Carefree (Name)
  • Awesome (Name)
  • barbaric_(Name)

Funny names

  • name the Nutcase
  • name the Nuts
  • name the Nonsense
  • Nonsensical name
  • Nutty name
  • name the Novelty
  • name the Freak
  • Delusional name
  • Angry name
  • Brainsick name
  • name the Absurd
  • Berserk name
  • name the Deranged
  • Crazed name
  • Comical name
  • name the Classy
  • name the Agreeable
  • name the Boring
  • Bustling name
  • Appetizing name
  • name the Droll
  • Fun name
  • Cheerful name
  • name the Bunny
  • name the Ambiance
  • Congenial name
  • Brilliant name
  • Awesome name
  • name the Clown

Beauty names

  • name the Bonnie
  • Breathtaking name
  • Better-looking name
  • Pleasing name
  • Aesthetic name
  • Alluring name
  • Awesome name
  • name the Bella
  • Aesthetical name
  • Bulgy name
  • Blondish name
  • name The biggest attraction
  • name the Bushy
  • Canescent name
  • name the Crummy
  • name the Haired
  • Curly name
  • Alarming name
  • name the Caliente
  • name the Calefacient
  • Calefactive name
  • Chilly name
  • Calefactory name
  • Charged name
  • Calorifacient name
  • Hot name
  • name the Boil
  • name the angel
  • name the Bonny

Attitude usernames

  • name the Access
  • name the Aptitude
  • name the Aggressiveness
  • Feisty name
  • name the Action
  • Behavioral name
  • name the Approach
  • Attitude name
  • Attitudinal name
  • name the Altitude
  • First-rate name
  • Beautiful name
  • Amazing name
  • name the Ace
  • Brilliant name
  • name the Badass
  • Awesome name
  • name the Amen
  • Excellent name
  • name the Big
  • Bad name
  • Admirable name
  • Considerable name
  • Awesome name
  • name the Avid
  • Bang-up name
  • name the Big
  • Great name
  • Awful name
  • Colossal name

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I Change My Instagram Username?

A: Its very simple to change your username, just open the Instagram app or website>Login to your account > Go to Profile > Edit Profile > Type in your selected name at the Name Section above bio, you can also change other additional settings theirs.

Q: What are the requirements of a username on Instagram?

A: The username must be less than 30 characters, no capital letters are allowed, characters, numbers, and only underscores are allowed in your username. One more thing is that your username should not be taken by anyone else even when she is inactive.

Q: Difference between Instagram name and username.

Instagram Name
This is your real name, which people calls you in real life. Example: Ellie Taylor, John smith etc. If people search your real name on Instagram, then they can’t find you.

Instagram Username
This is your Instagram identity, which your folllowers will call you. If people search for your username on Instagram, then they will find your account.

Q: Will I lose all my followers after changing my username?

A: No, If you changed your username, then you will not lose your followers. Everything you mentioned or tagged will get change or will redirect after you change your username, but any URL (Uniform resource locator) outside of the app will not be redirected.


If you still not found the perfect username, if yes then you can check out this Top 5 Instagram username generator.

Top 5 Instagram Username Generator

These are the top 5 Instagram Username Generators if you still didn’t found your next Instagram Username.

  • Jimpix.comGenerate cool, unusual, unique and memorable usernames, and check their availability on twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Use this username generator to combine various popular keywords with your name, words that are important to you.
  • They can generate all kinds of the username and they also generate Snapchat usernames.
  • Quizony.comThis Instagram username Generator generates amazing usernames and this is one of my favorite Instagram generators. You can also say that this is an Instagram name Generator Quiz.
  • don’t prefer this generator a lot but this generator also creates good names. Just answer some questions asked by it and it will generate hundreds of usernames specially designed for you.

*Quick Tip: Don’t change your user name, again and again, this can result in the loss of your followers. If you change your username every week, then if people following you search your old username, they can’t find you and they will not see your posts which can result in that they unfollow you.

Tell us about your favorite Instagram superstar which you are following for a lot of time in comments.

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So, These were some of the best Instagram usernames that I found by researching. If you liked this list, then make sure you share this list with your friends so that they could also get their best Instagram username.

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