Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Are you on the quest for wallet-friendly car insurance without compromising on quality? Let’s delve into the realm of auto insurance and explore the top 10 companies that offer affordability paired with reliability in the US. We’ll provide a comprehensive overview of each to guide you in making an informed decision.

Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

10. Liberty Mutual

Kicking off our list is Liberty Mutual, currently undergoing some changes. While they maintain a reputation for excellence, recent restructuring is evident. Offering minimum coverage (PLPD) at approximately $1,090 annually, Liberty Mutual still remains a contender in the budget-friendly category.

9. Farmers Insurance

Claiming the ninth spot, Farmers Insurance has experienced a shift in reputation but is on an upward trajectory. Despite reducing coverage in certain areas, they remain competitive. Expect to pay around $1,044 annually for minimum coverage and $3,295 for full coverage.

8. Nationwide

Securing the eighth position, Nationwide stands out as a reliable option. However, they are currently selective in accepting new business. Prices range from $781 for minimum coverage to $2,438 for full coverage, making them a middle-ground choice for many.

7. Allstate

Taking the seventh spot, Allstate is recognized for its decent prices, though recent rate hikes warrant caution. The costs hover around $781 for minimum coverage and $2,438 for full coverage. Balance their reputation with the budget considerations.


6. State Farm

At number 6, State Farm focuses on branding but might not be the most cost-effective choice. With a charge of $718 for minimum coverage and $2,627 for full coverage, they cater to those seeking a balance between reliability and price.

5. Travelers

Travelers takes the fifth spot, offering competitive rates but with a stricter stance on policy types. For minimum coverage, you can expect to pay $639, while full coverage stands at $2,536.

4. Progressive

Occupying the fourth position, Progressive is recognized for innovation but exercises strictness in claims. Known for their competitive rates, they offer options at $549 for minimum coverage and $2,271 for full coverage.

3. AAA

Landing in third place, AAA presents a mixed profile, excelling in service but lagging in technological advancements. Estimated costs are $529 for minimum coverage, along with additional membership fees. A solid choice if you value service reliability.


Once a stalwart at the top, USAA has slipped to second place due to concerns about declining customer service. However, if you qualify, prices are competitive at $487 for minimum coverage and $1,829 for full coverage.


1. Geico

Contrary to the provided list, Geico takes the crown for affordability. Tailored for younger and high-risk drivers, Geico offers rates at $462 for minimum coverage and $1,955 for full coverage.


Before deciding on your insurance provider, consider your unique needs and conduct thorough research. The right coverage matters more than just the price. Drive safe!

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