10 Best Paytm Cash Earning Apps for Everyone

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Paytm Cash earning apps

10 Pay-t-m Cash Earning Apps That Will Make You Good Money in May 2019

Paytm Cash Earning Apps| Earning money is a tough job but Here I am having very simple ways to earn paytm money. Today in this post you will read about  10 Paytm Cash Earning Apps That Will Make You Money in June 2019as you know the pay-t-mOpens in a new tab. wallet is nowadays one of the best and the most used wallets app in India.

Everyone on this earth having a pay-t-m account is searching for a way to earn free paytm money or  pay-t-m free cash earning apps. Mostly all the apps, you will read on this post, will have a feature of Play Game and earn money which is the simplest way to earn money.

Earn Paytm Money

If you used the apps daily or regularly then you can earn paytm cash daily.

There are very few free Paytm cash earning apps that are not fake and make a good amount of money, no spam and easily get transfer in our account. Today I will be telling you about those 10 Paytm money making apps.

The 10 Paytm money earning apps that I am going to tell you in the upcoming paragraphs will be safe and secure, apps with no spamming and they will also get transferred into your pay-t-m account without any problem.

With all the 10 Paytm cash earning apps, I will be giving you a youtubeOpens in a new tab. tutorial for every app as well so that you can easily understand how can you earn money through app.

Read till the end as I am sure that you will get shocked by seeing the number 1 Cash Earning app.

Top 10 PaytmOpens in a new tab. cash earning apps

10. App BrowserOpens in a new tab. 

This a browser but it provides a service by which you can play gamesOpens in a new tab. and earn tokens. These tokens will help you to participate in contests which will make you earn pay-t-m cash.

There is one feature more in this app which is you can earn money by scratch as well, it gives you really amazing offers. At last, you can redeem your money at any time.

This Paytm cash earning app is fully free.


  • Scratch and win  

DownloadOpens in a new tab.

Watch the tutorial for more information.

9. One Ad 

 If you have a good fan following or people around you then this app is for you.

You can earn up to 2 – 3 lakhs per month but you have to work hard.

The main source of income is referral in this app and it is one of the best referral apps.

Let’s see how it works:

When you will start you will get a code[ example – ABCD ] then if you share this with your friends and one of your friends joins with your referral then you will get paid a certain amount of money which is 4 rupees.

When your friend joins, he also receives a code [example – EFGH ] and if he shared it and one person joins with his referral then you will also get paid, this is level 2 of referral, later on, there are many levels like this.

You can see the image below to understand this.

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one ad referral chart

This Paytm cash earning app is fully free.

You can earn up to lakhs with this once you get referrals.

You will get 10 rupees instantly if you use this code – AK26EUJ

8. Qerika 

This is a trivia game that involves quizzes which starts at a particular time. The winner of the game is awarded real cash.

10 questions are asked during the period and if you answer all of them correctly then you will get paid.

This game is one of the best quiz games which makes money.

This Paytm cash earning app is fully free and needs no investment.

You can earn money through this by predicting as well, [example: Predict the outcoming of upcoming matches, etc. ] Predict the outcoming results and win money.
Ways of Earning : 

  • Answering questions in quizzes. 
  • Predicting the results of upcoming matches.

Many people earned thousands of rupees and you can also earn that much.

Their is one alternative of this app, name ‘HQ TriviaOpens in a new tab. ‘ You can also try this , both have similar functions.

7. DatabuddyOpens in a new tab.

This app is quite famous so you might be knowing about this one.

In this application there are two sources of income :

  • Referring friend.

  • Downloading apps or completing offers
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    databuddy offers

You can earn by both ways, First, we will talk about the first one which is ‘Referring friend’ Refer a friend and earn money, you can win 10 rupees per referral.

Now let’s talk about the second one ‘downloading apps’,  in this you have to download some apps from the link given by data-buddy, once you download the app you get paid for it and you will earn a certain amount of money.

It’s that simple.

6. LOCO 

 Loco is not so popular as data buddy but this application is a good one.

In Loco the main earning is by the following:

  • Loco Live – In loco live 10 questions are asked, in which if you answer all of them correctly then you win real cash! The quiz questions range from politics, news, current affairs, GK, sports, history, geography, sciences, current trends, technology, etc. If a general knowledge quiz is not your thing, don’t worry we have different non-trivia quiz games for you as well. Just join in for all the fun games!!
  •  Loco League – In this section you have to predict upcoming matches and if your predictions go correct then you earn money.
  • Loco Arena – You must have played many games, now you can win money from this, by just scoring a high score in any game you can win a good amount of money.
    Loco Arena, Earn money Loco,Money on loco arena,loco games,loco method of earning
    Loco arena

You need coins to enter any contest or league and if you use this code [email protected]’  then you will get 5000 coins for free.

There are many ways to earn and you get a lot of options as well and it’s completely free pay-tm cash earning apps that’s the reason I added this app in my list.

5. Video Buddy Opens in a new tab.  

This app pays you if you watch a video by a link given by them. 
Watch videos till a time given by them and earn money. This is one of the simplest methods of earning.

Its main source of income is given below: 

  • Watch and Earn – Watch videos and earn money.
  • Refer – Refer Friend and Earn Money.
  • Share videos and earn.
  • Like videos and earn.
This application is the easiest pay-t-m cash earning app.
You will get 50 Rupees for free if you download from here:

4. MOBILE PREMIER LEAUGE [MPL]Opens in a new tab. 

 This application is quite popular. You might also know about it and even used it.

This game has made me earn up to 1000 rs and it’s super easy to play. You all play gamesOpens in a new tab. right? , but you don’t get anything by playing so this app is for you. if you can play a game better than anyone else or you like playing games then you must play this game. 

This Paytm cash earning app is fully free.

Here, you have to collect tokens and with tokens, you can participate in big competitions which will pay you a certain amount if your rank is good [in some of the big competitions or big contests you can earn up to 1-2 lakh if you rank]  but the first thing is to collect tokens.
 You will get only 20 tokens free if you download it simply by searching. After downloading you will get various simple ways to earn tokens i.e upload profile image, type your name, etc. and there are battles also by which you can earn tokens [ but through battles we get only 1 token per win ].

Here is the plus point I have for you, that if you type in this code ‘N542K7DJ‘ then you will get 70 tokens free directly and by this, you can participate up to 14 contests.

So You must use this app.

3. Rozz Dhan 

This one of the best-earning app and it gives you 50 rupees as a signup bonus if you use our referral code ‘0670CM‘.

Rozz Dhan Home Page, rozz dhan app, ros dhan,roz dhan,roz dhan starting window. narendra modi taking photo, modi using camera,dslr,modi
Roz dhan home page

You can also Play and win Free Paytm Cash. Roz Dhan is one of the top Online Money Income Apps which entertains with 12+ categories while you Earn Paytm Cash Daily.

Key Features: An Online Earning App which lets you earn Paytm Money

Roz Dhan is India’s only Earning App where users can also access News, Games, Personal loans, etc. Earn Cash Daily through this Income App. Browse through amazing content while you Play and Earn Paytm Cash from this Free Money app.

1) Top Earning App: You can earn unlimited Money from Roz Dhan. Users who ranked on top of the list earned more than Rs 40,000 Paytm Cash. Earn your first Rs 50 as a signup bonus. You can Refer and Earn and also Make Money by Reading and Sharing articles with your friends and using the app daily. Once you earn Rs 200 or more, withdraw the amount through Paytm App at any time. 

A) INVITE FRIENDS: Earn money with this Earning Apps by inviting your friends through Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, and other communication tools. You will also Win Paytm Cash when your friends invite their friends to the App. This makes Roz Dhan the Earning Apps with Free Paytm Cash and the best Money app.

B) CHECK-IN: Roz Dhan is a Paytm Cash Earning Apps With Daily Bonus. Win Daily from Real Cash Winning Apps by just opening the App daily, even if you don’t read, share or play. It is a Free Earn Money App to Earn Paytm Cash for Self Income. Special Bonus is given to you on the 4th and 5th day of using the App. Use this Earn App which is the Best Earning App for Paytm.

C) READ: Interested readers can install Roz Dhan instead of other Money Income Apps and get unbelievable benefits. You can read a variety of content and earn money at the same time. If you are looking for New Earn Money App 2019, but also want to keep yourself informed and entertained, install this Money Earning App now.

D) SHARE: Not interested in reading articles? Roz Dhan Cash Earning Apps lets you earn even when you Share articles with your friends. Try this Paytm earn Money App to see for yourself.

E) PLAY GAMES:Opens in a new tab. While Gaming Apps charge money from you, Roz Dhan Lets you Play and Earn Paytm Cash. Earn Real Money and withdraw them through Paytm Apps while you make full use of this Enjoy App and Earn Money Apps.

2) Withdraw through Paytm: Roz Dhan is one of the top Paytm Money Earning Apps. Users are even calling it the leading Paytm Earning Apps 2019 for Daily Win, Bonus, and coins in every task. Users also think it is Money Earning Apps Top 10 Paytm Cash among other Paytm earning Apps.

4) Earn Money Apps for Android: Roz Dhan is an excellent Earn Money Apps for Android Paytm for you to Earn Cash Daily. You can call it an Earn Money App or Paytm Cash Free App.

5) Money Making made easy: Money Making Apps often require users to do difficult tasks. With Roz Dhan Online Income Money App, you can earn and keep yourself entertained through a Variety of viral contents and games. Don’t look further for Money Apps to Earn Money as you have found the Best Money Earning App.

6) Visit Popular Sites: Through Roz Dhan, you can not only Win Money Real Cash but also access popular sites related to Game, Loan, Jobs, Shopping and many more. With Roz Dhan Money App you can find everything you want in life.

7) Free Paytm Cash Earning Apps: Their users earn Free Paytm Cash Up to Rs 300 Daily. As a Money Earn App, Roz Dhan gives you more benefits than any other Paytm Cash Earning Apps. Earn Money Paytm Cash from their Make Money App.

Use this referral code – ‘0670CM’ to get 25 Rupees instantly after downloading the app.

2. Dream Cricket 

Dream cricket – By its name suggest this is a cricket game which offers you to play simple cricket and earn.

There is a big reason that I added this in my list which is that there is not only cricket by which you can earn, there is one more method which is by downloading an app. Let’s see how?

For this, you need to go on your profile and then find an option ‘REDEEM’ press there and then you will see this window given in the image:

Dream cricket redeem, earn money dream cricket,dream cricket app,how to earn from dream cricket
Redeem dream cricket

then you have to press on ‘EARN FREE’, after pressing this window will load.

Dream Cricket Download Apps and Earn, Dream cricket earnings,download app and earn,download app and earn paytm cash
Download app and earn

Now press one of the apps, you will see that some conditions are given like play the game for 2 days or complete one task of the game, etc. when you will see what we will get, then you will found a word like ‘credits’. credits refer to money, 1 credit = 1 rupee
similarly whatever the amount is written before the credit is your revenue. Once you have completed the task then you will get the amount.

One plus point – There is one app that you will find here which is ‘Magic Jigsaw Puzzle’ [ you can also scroll up to see] by downloading the app from their link you will get up to 2,143 credits = 2,143 rupees.

1. The Number 1 app

 Here comes the number 1 app that makes you earn pay-t-m cash. Before telling the name I am very sure that this application is already on your phone.  Thinking ‘How it is possible ?’

Let me clue you about this app, ‘You use this for payments, recharges and booking tickets.’ Guess what it is?

Yes, It is Pay-t-mOpens in a new tab. itself, shocked? 

Thinking How can we earn money from it?

There is a feature called games on it, you can follow the below instructions to search for the feature:

Scroll down on the Pay-t-m home page and then you will find an option like this shown in the below image:

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Paytm Games

When you will find the games corner then you will see hundreds of games there, you don’t have to play all of them.

To earn money you have to collect ‘beans’, wondering what are beans? Beans are like coins that help you to enter contests where you can earn money. [hopefully, now beans are clear to you].

You can collect beans by playing any game you want [You can see some games below which makes a good amount of beans]

Paytm play games and win beans,win beans,Paytm play games and win beans
Win Beans through Games
There is one more method which can make you Beans by completing tasks. [You can see in the below image]
Paytm Win Beans By completing tasks,Paytm complete tasks and earn, tasks, paytm win beans ,paytm earn beans methods,how to earn paytm beans
win beans by completing tasks

Once you collect beans then there are some games that can make you money. See the games which are given below [these games will make you money]

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win paytm cash by playing games

See the instructions to find those games.
Just scroll down and you will find them.

You can find many games by which you can earn :

The best earner is this shown in the image:

Paytm play games and win upto 15000 rupees,paytm cash,paytm,paytm add money,paytm gamepind,paytm bean games,games,earn paytm cash,paytm promocode,paytm cash earning games,paytm earn money,win paytm cash by playing games,paytm games khel kar pese jeete,paytm unlimited add money,how to earn money by playing games,earn paytm cash by playing games 2019,paytm 2019 new promocode,gamepind of paytm tricks,play games and earn paytm cash
win rupees 15.000 paytm cash

This game also makes us earn a good amount.

Win up to 5,000 Paytm cash through paytm,earn 5000 rupees,Win up to 5,000 Paytm cash through paytm
win upto 5000 paytm cash

There is one more thing I want to add which is that there is one more application which makes you a very huge amount of money which is dream 11, you can also check it out from here,Opens in a new tab.

You can read this post: 10 Dream 11 tips and tricks to make smart money 
to learn more about dream 11.

Now all the Top 10 Paytm Cash Earning AppsOpens in a new tab. over and hopefully you have downloaded the app you liked and started making money through that earning app.

Share this article with your friends so they also earn some money and if you shared this, then they might be thankful to you for sharing this link.

I would like to end with a quote:

A wise person should have money in their head, not in their heart. – Jonathan Swift


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