About Me

Aaditya Sharma

I am Aaditya Sharma

and I am the founder of Exblogging, besides that, I am a Freelancer, Social Media Lover, and Internet Marketer. I am big tech-savvy and I love creating content for different types of social media platforms.

I might seem like a big person to you but honestly, I am just a normal guy from a small city in India. I work while lying in the bed, I like to play online games, and I also love surfing social media just like a normal guy.

Personal Questions

Many People asked me some personal questions so here are my answers.

Money – Whenever I did something, the only thing I thought about was MONEY – The MONEY this hard work can make me get, and this greed for money made me successful.


What made you motivated all the time?


I have played almost every game that is popular whether it is Minecraft, GTA 5, Fortnite, clash of clans but till now my favorite game is Free Fire because I play it with my friends.


What Games Have You Played?


I am still a school student and I am a very shy person that’s why I haven’t shown my face. That’s the reason I don’t have a Youtube channel, well I am on Instagram but I create some different type of content.


What’s your age and why don’t you show your face?




Do you Have a GF?


I am a big fan of Marvel and Avengers Infinity War is my favorite movie till now.


What’s Your favorite movie?


I don’t love sports that much but yes I have played many sports – I have played basketball, football, badminton, and even cricket, but I am honestly not good at any one of them.


Do You Like Sports & If so, What Sports You Like to Play?


My Story

Back in 2015, I was in school playing clash of clans (a famous mobile game at that time) I actually somehow came to know that people are making loads of money from Youtube making videos of clash of clans gameplay.

I got interested and started making videos. What? you thought I got famous from those videos?

Obviously not, I was so fool that I actually put my phone on the table and play the game, and record my gameplay with the second phone. I didn’t even knew that something like screen recorders existed.

After making around 5-6 videos, I got tired and then just searched on Youtube for some apps to make my videos better. Then I came to know about SCREEN RECORDERS and VIDEO EDITING.

It was 2016 till then, I again sarted making videos and I got famous and made ton of money. This was where my journey begin.

I am kidding 😂

No results, actually I gained 128 subscribers total in 2016 and then I just stopped and thought it will not work. I also tried some make money apps but they also didn’t work.

In 2017, I thought and searched for some other ways to make money online. I came to know about blogging.

So, I started a blog wrote 50 words long articles and guess what? no results as I was just writing so poor.

Slowly, slowly, I learned to write average quality articles and it was 2018 already.

I was actually writing articles on blogger.com with a free subdomain – .blogspot.com which really does not mean anything.

I didn’t had the money to invest so I have to go with it. I was browsing Youtube and then I came accross a person who was organizing a giveaway of a .com domain name.

I worked really hard for the giveaway, it was hosted on gleam so all you had to do is share, if you share the giveaway and a user participates with the link you shared you get 2 points.

The person with the highest points wins and I actually shared the link on WhatsApp to all the people I know and then asked them just to sign up. I also shared the link with my parents and siblings, and then used their phone and signed up.

This was my strategy and I won.

This meaned a lot for me.

Do you want to know, what the domain name was called?

It was Exblogging.com

I am not joking.

I won this domain in a giveaway, so I starting writing articles on this blog on random stuff, after I wrote 23 really long articles, I stopped and I was like, damn just stop it.

I didn’t earned a penny till now.

Then I started freelancing, I first went to all the freelancing sites – upwork, freelancer, and Simply Hired, and created an account in all of these sites.

It took me 2 days.

Then for the next 30 days, I bided for around 20 jobs a day on all these 3 sites. This time I worked really hard. BTW- I applied to content writing jobs as I knew how to write articles.

It have heard that ‘Hardwork Pays’

But, still I didn’t got any order.

Then I came to know about Fiverr in 2019 where there was not a system like bidding which really made me excited.

I created a gig, did everything, then I started thinking about it, I started thinking – If I’ll be Cheap, people will buy my service’

The lowest price I found on fiverr for content writing was – $5 for 500 words. So I did $5 for 2000 words.

I am not joking, I seriously did that.

I read somewhere, on fiverr you should be online 24/7 for the best results, I did the same.

After 4-5 days I got one order from ‘Bradeybem’ this was his username and the article topic was ‘Siberian Huskies For Sale’, Yes I still remember it as it was life changing for me.

I worked around 4-5 hours and completed that article and earned my first money, not $5, it was $4, Fiverr cuts money 😭

Then slowly slowly I started getting orders, a bunch of orders actually. Then I basically increased my pricing also slowly slowly.

I started getting minimum1 order everyday.

Then I started focusing on blogging in 2020 as it was a better secured way to make money as once I have a fully set up blog, I do not need to write or work daily once the blog is finished and I’ll still earn money.

I also started focusing on creating Ebooks, started working on social medias – Instagram, Pintrest, etc.

I started seeing good results in all the platforms, I was really happy. Then I decided to help others as well, So, I started working on this site again and I started teaching people finally in 2021.

At Exblogging I teach people how they can create awesome content and make money online. I share all things I have learnt in my online journey on this blog.