Blogging vs Youtube (Vlogging) Which is Best for YOU in 2021?

Blogging vs Vlogging (Youtube)
blogging vs vlogging

Blogging vs Youtube: Blogging and Youtube are the best ways to earn money in 2021 but which program is best for you? is it blogging or youtube? I am pretty sure that you will find the answer in this article.

If you came to this post, then I Guareented that you came here because you don’t know where to start or which platform will benefit you the most.

You want to share knowledge but you don’t know the right platform, Right? In this post, I am going to clear all your doubts regarding this and after reading this post, you’ll get the right program for you.

Blogging and Youtube (vlogging) they both are a great way to share your knowledge with worldwide people and are the most popular also, but which program suits you the best?

First of all, before we start let’s learn something more about Blogging and Vlogging or Youtube.


What is Youtube?

Youtube is a product owned by Google, it is a video sharing program in which users watch videos and full fill their needs or entertain themselves. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. 

On Youtube, You can create your channel and share your knowledge with people worldwide and earn some commission.

According to OmnicoreagencyOpens in a new tab. Youtube has more than 30 Million Active Unique Users Daily who watches videos and More Than 2 Billion Users Per Month and that’s a lot of traffic

And Traffic means Money!

This shows you Youtube’s potential that How much traffic youtube get monthly and how much traffic you can get on Youtube.

Means of Earning on Youtube

Youtube allows you to monetize your videos with the help of ads that are displayed on the videos which make people earn. 
The main source of income for Youtubers is By displaying ads on their videos, These ads are provided by Adsense (a google product and an ad agency) If someone clicks on the ads displayed, YouTubers earns some money. Besides Adsense Youtubers also earn money through Affiliate Marketing. 
Youtube doesn’t have too many ways to make money as compare to blogging that you will learn further in this post.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an easy-to-create website that allows the user to share their thoughts with the world. 
In the blog, you share your thoughts in a written form but on Youtube you publish videos.
Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts and knowledge with worldwide people in which you can guide people, teach them or give them some awesome content. you can learn more about blog by reading this blogging beginner’s guide.
You can get all the people worldwide on your blog, there are no limitations like youtube that only youtube users can see your videos.

Earning Money With Blogging

You can’t even imagine how much you can make money from blogging, one of my friends is earning $500 a day from blogging only, It’s a huge amount of money! 
The main thing is that if you bring a targeted audience to your site you can earn a lot of money even if you have 500 targeted audience then you can earn more than a person with 1 million subscribers and that’s the power of blogging.

Means to Earn Money from Blogging

There are many ways to earn money from Blogging, I can’t discuss all of them here but you can get those ways on this article: 14 Ways To Make Money from Blogging

Here are some of the common ways to earn money with blogging:

In Earning money the main advantage in blogging is that if Adsense disables your account or disapproves you then also there are many other ad networks you can try while Youtube doesn’t have this feature.


How much you need to pay to start a blog or start a Youtube Channel? This might be in your mind so Let’s find the answer to this question.

Youtube Channel Expenses

If you create a Youtube Channel, Then you need to buy a camera or DSLROpens in a new tab. and a micOpens in a new tab. as well which both will cost approximately $500 which is 35,426 INR but here I have something for you, some special deal, you can buy both of these for only 12,000 INR or $175 Click here to buy DSLROpens in a new tab. and Click Here to Buy micOpens in a new tab..

You can even start your Youtube Channel without these devices also but you will need to compromise with the Video quality which can badly affect your viewers.

On Youtube, Purchasing goods are still not compulsory!

Blog Expenses

Starting a blog have a lot of expenses, you need to buy hosting and domain name to start a blog, which both will cost you approximately $30-$40 or 2000-3000 INR, I know they are very less than DSLR and Mic but These are not compulsory and buying domain names and hosting is compulsory.
But, You can start your blogging journey with blogger because it only requires a custom domain name which will cost you only 400 INR on Bigrock, so you can start your blog easily by just 400 rupees.
There’s also a way to make a site without any purchase but these free websites are not easy to get traffic and earn money, you can do this on BloggerOpens in a new tab. and WordPressOpens in a new tab. but there you will not get the approval of Adsense.
I prefer Blogger at the start if you have less budget or no budget if you have some money to invest then WordPress is great.

Difference Between Blogging and Youtube (vlogging)

Difference Between Blogging and Vlogging (Youtube)
difference between blogging and vlogging (youtube)

Let’s Learn some differences between Blogging and Vlogging.

Youtube Blogging
On Youtube, you share your thoughts and knowledge through Videos. In Blogging, you share your thoughts and Knowledge through articles (means writing)
It’s not compulsory to buy anything but I prefer to buy a camera and a mic for video quality. It is compulsory to buy a domain name and a hosting plan in order to start a blog
You cannot earn too much form youtube because Youtube cuts a certain amount of money you earn. You Can Earn More Money from Blogging as Compare to Youtube.
There are not many sources of income as compared to Blogging. There are many ways in which you can earn a lot of money.
Adsense is the only ad network. In blogging You can also use other ad networks like, Propeller ads, etc.
Youtube can ban you anytime if you do anything wrong, and you will lose all your subscribers. You have full control on your site, Nobody can stop you posting articles on it.
Only Youtube users can see your Channel and watch your videos which is only 1.3 billion people. Worldwide people having phones or laptops can see your website which means more than 7 billion people.
Youtube is easy because there are not too many techniques you need to learn like blogging. Blogging is hard as compared to Youtube because There are many techniques to learn in blogging, for example, SEO, Link Building, Content Marketing, etc.

Which should you choose Blogging or Vlogging (Youtube)?

Now, You know everything about Blogging and Vlogging (Youtube channel), Now you need to decide which platform is best for you.

Here are some questions you need to ask from yourself which will help you to choose your path.

What will you Teach/Talk?

It’s a very important question that you should ask yourself because if you don’t know the topic you can’t start. If you don’t know topics to start, don’t worry at the end of this post, I will give some niche ideas with low competition on both channels.
If you are going to teach tutorials, for example: How to Make Animation in Blender, Then Creating a written blog post doesn’t work because people want you to create it live in front of them.
Similarly, If your topic is Cooking, then who will like to read an article on it? -No one
Because cooking is a topic that people would like you to show it live.
If your topic is long or complex, then writing a blog post would be better.
Conclusion: Youtube is for those people whose channel topics have to be shown live like the above examples and blogging is for those people who don’t need to show things like:- Blogging Tips and Tricks (my own blog!)

What Are Your Skills?

If you have writing skills in yourself and can write articles without grammatical errors then you must try blogging as it requires writing only.
Blogging not only requires blogging but has some other things inside it as well, for example, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and more. Blogging goes deeper and deeper.
Vlogging is not so complex but still, it requires some skills:-
Person’s confidence in front of a camera: If you don’t have this confidence, then it is just a waste of time creating a youtube channel.
Communication Skills: You should know how to communicate effectively with your viewers so that they don’t get bored.

Do you Have some Investments?

If you don’t have investments then you can’t start blogging in a way that you can earn. You can earn money from Youtube even without Investments and that’s the plus point of youtube.

How Fast You Want to Get Traffic?

Generating traffic on a blog needs time, it’s not like you created a blog today and you’ll get a thousand visitors the next day.
On youtube, it does not require that much time in blogging, I am not saying that you will get 1000 visitors just after creating a video. Youtube also requires time depending on which type of videos you create.
If you want to get traffic fast, then you can go with blogging.

Where does your Targeted Audience usually stay at?

It is an important question because if your targeted audience is usually on youtube then you must go with Youtube.
For example: If your niche is Beauty, then more and more people will be spending time on Instagram and Youtube.
If your niche is something knowledgable like quotes (a blog about quote) Then who will like to watch a video on it? -no one
So, most of the people will search for this topic on google only or Pinterest. In this case, you should start a blog instead of a YT channel.
To find an answer to this question, you just need to use some common sense.

The Best Platform According to me

Youtube and Blogging, both are great as we saw in the above comparisons. Blogging is for those who love writing and Vlogging is for those who love presenting themselves and communicate with others.
I prefer to go with both of these at the same time so that you can grab both traffic, youtube as well as Google search. Here is an issue, TIME MANAGEMENT! Writing blogs and creating videos at the same time is difficult but here’s a trick which you can apply.
You can convert your video into a blog post or Your blog post into a video.
Now you will be wondering how you can do so? You can convert a blog post by creating a video on the same, For example: If your topic is Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs, then you can simply create a video on the same topic.
You add transcription to videos, Am I right? If don’t then you must. You can copy these transcriptions and paste it on your blog post, Ta-Da! Your blog post is ready!
You got video also and Blog posts also but what are the advantages of posting content on both social programs? Here are some of the advantages:
  • You can grab both audience google and Youtube both, this will increase your reach.
  • You can cross-promote your content, For example, You can embed your video on your blog and also you can drop a link to your blog post on the youtube video description.
  • Earnings Double!
  • You get a backup, for example: if Youtube bans your channel then you still have your site with traffic.
  • You get double traffic.

Blogging vs Vlogging (Youtube) which is best?

Vlogging or Youtube is for those who have communicational skills, entertainment skills and a person who can talk confidently while blogging is for those who don’t like to talk directly, who have writing skills and is not a good entertainer.

Niche Ideas

I hope you got which way to go to Youtube or Blogging. As I said earlier at the end of the post I will be providing some niche ideas which can help you get massive traffic fast.
These are low competition niches in which you can easily rank and get traffic.

Youtube Niche Ideas

Youtube niches, If you decided to start a Youtube channel then you can choose any one of the below low competition topics and make a channel on it.
NOTE: if you chose both Youtube and blogging then you should not take any one of these topics because these topics can only grow on youtube. Later I will show a list of some topics which work well on both platforms. 
  • Life Hacks: You can go in deeper and can create a channel on this niche example: Life Hacks for Schools. TIP: If you are Indian, then there is no competition on Indian Lifehacks.
  • Real Vlogs
  • Meditation
  • Real State Education
  • Interview people: Email other YouTubers and ask for an interview with them. This is the best niche I found.
  • Coaching
  • Travel Niche: Make a channel on micro-niches on this topic like Road trips, Retreat and more. (Find them on your own by going on google trends)
  • Food Recipies
  • Programming: More and more people are joining this field and searching for tutorials regarding this so it can be a great niche.
  • Success Mindset
  • Fitness Niche
  • DIY Crafts
  • Movie Mistakes: Watch Latest movies and find some mistakes on it and post a video on it.
  • Share Cute Childs/Babies activities: Superb and very fun niche!
  • Photoshop Tutorials
  • Movie Reviews

Niches That will Work for Youtube and Blogging Both

These niches are those niches that can have a huge impact if you start a Youtube channel and a Blog both. Both Topics will work great.
  • Personal Development/Personal Growth
  • Home Decore
  • Motivational Quotes
  • How to Hack
  • Podcasting Tips
  • Hairstyles
  • Parenting Tips
  • Home and Garden Caring
  • Pet Caring
  • Caligraphy
  • Garage Organization
  • Public Speaking
  • Decorate walls
  • Origami
  • Computer Basics
  • Home Theatre
  • Fishing
  • App Development
  • Graphic Design
  • How to make animation
  • DIY Kitchen
  • Social Media Tips
  • Home Decoration

Blog Niches ideas

Its time to know some niches in blogging that are currently in trend with low competition. Here are those blog niche ideas that you can start with:
  • Archery blog
  • Boxing
  • Songwriting
  • Tiny Homes
  • Dog Sports Gear
  • Home Automation
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Sound Mixing
  • Style your Truck
  • Make your House Soundproof
  • Men Fashion
  • Traveling for Cheap
  • Food Storage
  • Sleeping Tips
  • How to Gain weight
  • Home Music Studio
  • Best apps for you
So, these were some of the niche ideas which I found currently in trend on Youtube and Google, if these were not sufficient You can check out these awesome niche ideasOpens in a new tab.


Now it’s your turn to decide which way to go? Vlog or Blog.
Ask These Questions form Yourself:
What will you Teach/Talk?
If you want to talk something practically then you must create a Youtube Channel.
What Are Your Skills?
Have writing skills? If yes, Go with Blogging
Do you Have some Investments?
If yes, you should start a blog if you are coming to this field to earn huge money.
How Fast You Want to Get Traffic?
Want fast Traffic? Go with Youtube.
Now, Put your answers to these questions and you will find which is best for you. If you still didn’t understand what to start in 2021 or having a problem with your niche?, Then comment down below! your queries and I’ll answer back within 1-2 hours.If you are going to start a blog, then according to me the best platform to start with is WordPress, If you don’t know about WordPress then take a look at this Beginners Guide to WordPressOpens in a new tab..

Now comment down below which you started youtube or Blog, Also Comment your Channel/Blog Link I will visit each one of yours and will give you reviews on how you doing.
I hope, you found the best platform to share your knowledge and have no more doubts about Youtube vs Blogging if you have some doubts you are free to comment below.


Hii, I am Aaditya Sharma founder of Exblogging. I am a tech-savvy, blogger, content writer, freelancer, and hobby gamer. I spend most of my time browsing the web and trying to learn something new.

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