Earn Money From Tik Tok (musical.ly) Make more than $1000/month

Earn Money From Tik Tok (musical.ly), earn money tik tok, make money from tik tok

Earn Money from Tik Tok: Tik Tok is one of the best ways to make money in 2019 as it has more than 545 million active users, which means a lot of traffic on your account! and traffic means revenue/money.

You can get traffic on your Tik Tok account but How you can use that traffic to make money from Tik Tok, well there are many ways to convert this traffic into money but today I am going to tell you some simple and easy ways to earn money from Tik Tok.

According to statistaOpens in a new tab., Tik Tok comes in the top 10 most used social media networks worldwide in 2019, so this means Tik Tok has a lot of potentials. 

One good news for all Tik Tok users!

Soon Tik Tok will be just like Youtube, where people can earn money by displaying ads on their videos, according to AdweekOpens in a new tab., biddable ads are coming to Tik Tok.

With biddable ads, advertisers will be able to bid against one another for the ad impressions they want on a self-managed platform.

 Probably, TikTok will produce some kind of ad revenue-sharing program in the same way that YouTube has.

Obviously, the higher your engagement rate, the more successful brands will consider you, and the more you earn.

Note: This update will come in the future!

What you need to Earn Money from Tik Tok

First of all, to make some money from Tik Tok, you need to create your profile on Tik Tok Opens in a new tab.and upload or create some videos.

 If you don’t want to upload videos then you can simply browse some tik Tok trending videosOpens in a new tab. and then download the video you like and repost it on your profile, but make sure you give credit to the original owner of the video.

Once you have created your Tik Tok account and have some content on it, now the only thing you need is ‘Fans’ (not ‘pankhe’ in hindi)  or followers and it’s hard to get them.

How to increase Tik Tok fans

Here are some quick tips to increase your fans or followers on Tik Tok easily:

  • Post entertaining Videos  
  • At least post 1 video per day
  • Quality is important, post quality videos only
  • Work in a particular topic/niche. 
  • Upload videos and add the Trending tags.
  • Add tags on your videos, even if they are not in trend.
  • Be original 

  Be Original Because An original is worth more than a copy

― Suzy Kassem

Now we have all the things important to earn money from Tik Tok so let’s see what are those ways to make money from Tik Tok.

Earn Money from Tik Tok

Earn Money From Tik Tok (musical.ly), earn money tik tok, make money from tik tok
ways to earn money from tik tok

First, Let’s see how we can make money from Tik Tok itself. There are only two inbuilt ways in Tiktok to earn money:

1. Get Featured on Tik Tok Trending Videos

Get Featured on Tik Tok Trending Videos, tik tok trending videos
tik tok trending videos

 Every Tik Toker knows that if our video goes in trend on Tik Tok then we will get some special reward, and that’s the truth!. 

If one’s video goes to Tik Tok trending section Opens in a new tab.Tik Tok sends the owner of the video a special gift which can be anything, sometimes it is a smartphone and some times it is a lot of money. 

You can even get these prizes but you need to work hard, Here are some tips to get featured in Tik Tok’s trending section:

Think Outside the Box: Don’t do what everyone else is doing, make your own hashtags, be creative in your videos, do something that people are not doing, this is the most important thing to get featured on Tik Tok.

Make videos on topics you are interested in: If you like food, you should be posting videos related to food, what this will do is, that it will help you to be engaged on Tik Tok and will make your video awesome because you are expert in this field or you like this field.

Make a comedy video: comedy videos are always loved by people but these comedy videos you will create should be funny.

 After making a comedy video, you should ask yourself: Does it make you laugh? Does it make your mum laugh? Do your friends laugh or your parents if you don’t find it funny of yourself there is a massive possibility no one else is gonna find it funny either.

When making a comedy video, you have to actually take inspiration from what makes you laugh in day to day life.

Now it’s your chance to make a trending video!

2. Go Live 

If you want to earn money from this way on Tik Tok, you need to have a good amount of fans, because only fans can earn you money from this way. 

If you are an old Tik Tok user, then you must know when we go into someone’s live stream, there are some premium emojis which people send a lot.

To send these premium emojis, you need to buy some coins and the money invested to buy these emojis will directly get sen to the person doing a live stream, it’s super easy and can make you really a passive income.

So, do live streams and earn!

These were some ways from which you can earn from Tik Tok only and get money from Tik Tok but there are some other ways to earn money from your Tik Tok followers from other sites and these ways can not just make you earn $1,000 a month but has a potential to make you earn $10,000 a month, and yes, I am not joking.

Here are those awesome ways:

Become an Influencer

Influencing is one of the most common and popular ways to monetize your online presence. For this method, you need to have a fan following because without that no one will pay you.

These fans should not be auto-generated fans, they should be real fans who care about your opinions.

To become an influencer you just need to Approach brands or if you’re that famous on TikTok, brands will approach you for brand endorsements, and you will become an influencer.

After becoming an influencer all you need to do is suggest products and services that you genuinely make use and believe are good but these services should only be from that brand you approached.

If you want to learn, how you can become an influencer, you can check this post on Shane barkerOpens in a new tab., where Shane had told very briefly about influencing only for beginners.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money on any social media platform, it can be any site, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even Tik Tok.

Now, what the hell affiliate marketing is? 

Affiliate marketing is just product or service owners to get sales, If you get the sales you will get some income but if you did not generate the sales, then you can’t make money.

In affiliate marketing, you just need to promote products and if someone buys the product from your link, you will get some part of the product’s price. To learn more about affiliate marketing, you can check out this post on Neil Patel’s blog or simply watch this video:

let’s see an image to understand Affiliate marketing more clearly

After seeing this image, you will find 5 steps to make money from affiliate marketing:
  1. Join an affiliate program related to your niche, you can join any affiliate program from the web, whether it is Amazon or ClickBank, you can also join other affiliate programs by searching for “brand name affiliate”
  2. Find products/services according to your video topic: Search for products according to your video topic, eg. if you make videos related to fashion, then you can search for clothes or other fashion items.
  3. Promote: Now you need to promote them on any of yours Tik Tok video, I like adding something like this if I make videos on fashion on Tik Tok videos: “You can buy the Shirt I am Wearing from Here: https://affiliatelink.com”
  4. Sales: After promoting the product, someone will buy the product from your link and the product owner will get some sales.
  5. Earn Commission: This is the best part of affiliate marketing, here you get paid.  You will get some part of a product price, let’s take an example: you got a sale of a shirt which costs $10 and the affiliate price percentage is 10% then you will make $1 per sale, this way if you made 1,000 sales then you will earn $1,000, the affiliate price percentage is decided by the affiliate program you join, some program pays 20% of the product price and some pays 10% of the product price, it totally depends.
*Quick Tip: Use any product in your video and add an affiliate link of the product in the description of the video by adding something like this: 
PRODUCT USED: https://www.affiliatelink.com

This way you can generate some money from affiliate marketing.

Sending Traffic To Your Authority Locations

This way to earn money from Tik Tok is for those who have ads shown on social media sites like Youtube or own a website.

What you can do is add your Youtube channel or website link on Tik Tok, this way people will click on it and you will generate some income with ads shown on these sites.

This way you can generate money from other social media platforms by promoting them on Tik Tok.

Resell Products on Tik Tok

Reselling is a huge thing, it’s not compulsory to have a website to sell products, you can even promote them on Tik Tok, it’s super easy to tell your fans about the product to provide them a link and you will get paid.

If you don’t have goods to resell, then you can use meesho Opens in a new tab.or other alternatives Opens in a new tab.and sell those products on Tik Tok.

Last Words

Now, all the ways to earn money from Tik Tok are ended, hopefully, you got a way that suits you well and started trying to make money from Tik Tok. 

Here is  a quick sum-up of those ways to earn money from Tik Tok:

  • Get your video featured on Tik Tok’s trending videos
  • Do Live Stream on Tik Tok
  • Become an Influencer
  • Promote affiliate products
  • Send traffic to other social media platforms where you already earn money.
  • Resell Goods on Tik Tok
Posts I especially wrote for you:
I hope, Now you have started making money from Tik Tok and  I pray God to make you next Tik Tok Super Star and the next rich person.


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