How to add Review/Ratings Snippet Schema on Blogger

Review Snippet schema
How to add Review Snippet Schema Markup on Blogger site

Add Review Snippet on Blogger: Have you seen Review stars appearing in google results on other sites? If yes, then you might be thinking How cool it will be if they appear on your blog.

WordPress has a plugin called All in One SchemaOpens in a new tab. to add these awesome reviews or rating stars snippets but the problem is your site is on blogger and blogger doesn’t support any plugins.

Now you’ll be thinking that you cannot add these cool review stars on your blogger site, but there’s a way to do so.

The only difference in adding these review schema on blogger and on WordPress is that it requires more human effort on blogger than WordPress.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can add these review schema markups in your blog.

What is Review Schema Markup or Snippet

Review Snippet Example
review snippet example

According to GoogleOpens in a new tab.A review snippet is a short excerpt of a review or a rating from a review website, usually an average of the combined rating scores from many reviewers. 

In easy words, these review snippets are a kind of schema markups or rich snippets that appear on google search results to enhance user experience.
These reviews are decided by the audience.
Review snippets appear at the end of your post where readers reading or using your tools/Softwares can rate it out of 5 stars, the average number of stars is displayed on the web.

Advantages of Review Snippets

Review snippets are very cool looking which means they attract people’s attraction and clicks the result which has review snippets.
And this thing increases Click Through Rate (CTR) which helps your site rank higher. 
Also, High CTR means high traffic because more and more people are clicking your result.

Where to use Review Snippets?

Here is the list of some kind of articles where Review snippets should be added. If you want to add review snippets in some different kinds of web services, then I don’t prefer this because it can have a negative impact on your site and even google has told so in its Review Snippets Guide.Opens in a new tab.
  1. Book
  2. Course
  3. Event 
  4. How-To
  5. Movie
  6. Product
  7. Services
  8. Local Business
  9. Software/Game
  10. Recipes
  11. TV Episodes
If you have any query about your content type, then you are free to ask in the comments, I will reply to you under an hour.

How to Add Review Snippets on Blogger

Now you know what are review snippets, advantages of review snippets and where to add them so now its time to apply/add them on your blogger blog. In order to add review Snippets on Blogger, Follow these steps:-

#Step1 Goto Juris Digital Review Schema Generator

Goto Juris Digital Review schema generatorOpens in a new tab.. Juris Digital is a site that helps you generate any kind of schema markups and add them to your site.

#Step2 Enter all the required information

Once you opened the Juris Digital Review Schema Generator, then now you need to scroll down and find an option called review information, Here type in all the details required.
In the Firm name option enter your Business Name, for example, Exblogging
In the Author name option enter your name, For example, Aaditya Sharma
In the review body section type anything like This attorney rocked!

Type in today’s date in the Date of Review option.
In ratings select the highest number of stars and the lowest number of stars that can be given by your reader. I prefer setting this to 5 and 1.

#Step3 Copy the Generated Schema

When you will add all the details required, then you will find some coding on the right side of the page (You can see in the below image as well)
Copy Review Schema Code
Copy Review Schema Code
Copy that code, this code is the review schema that will show review to the people which you need to add on your site.

#Step4 Paste it one your Blogpost/Website

Once copied the javascript code, its time to paste it on your blogger’s blog. For this you need to follow these steps: 

1. Open Blogger

Open your Blogger control panel by logging in your account and then locate to the article where you want to add review snippet.

2. Paste the Code

Once you opened the post where you want to add review snippets, its time to paste the code you copied.
At the top left corner of your blogger post, you will find two buttons, COMPOSE and HTML, click on HTML.
The HTML code of your website will open up. Scroll down at the last and paste the javascript code.
and then SAVE the post.
Now you have successfully added the Review Snippet to your website.

Check The Rich Snippets

Once you have done the upper work, its time to check that the review snippet we have added is working or not.
To do so goto Google Rich Results Checker tool and paste your URL there.
It will show a Right Mark if the rich snippet is working if not you need to check what wrong you have done.


Here is the step by step guide on adding Review Snippets on Blogger if you have missed it.
  1. Goto Juris Digital Review Schema GeneratorOpens in a new tab.
  2. Fill all the required information
  3. Copy the Javascript review code
  4. Paste it over the HTML post where you want to add the review snippets.

Note: If you are facing any difficulty making these changes, you are free to ask them in comments, I will reply to you in an hour.


Hii, I am Aaditya Sharma founder of Exblogging. I am a tech-savvy, blogger, content writer, freelancer, and hobby gamer. I spend most of my time browsing the web and trying to learn something new.

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