Install Chrome extension for android in 5 very simple steps

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Install any chrome extension for android in 5 simple steps, follow these steps and you will easily download any adds on for chrome on mobile.

If you are in a hurry, then here are those 5 simple steps to download or install a chrome extension on your android phone, but don’t worry I will teach you further that how you can briefly install the chrome extension.

Install Chrome Extension on Browser

Here are the 5 simple steps to download or install any chrome extension on your Android phone. Follow these steps to install the chrome extension on your android mobile.

  •  Download Yandex browser, Kiwi browser or even Firefox.
  • Search for the chrome web storeOpens in a new tab.
  • Type in the name of your favorite Chrome extension.
  • Now, click on “Add To Chrome” Now this will add the extension on the browser.
  • Voila! The extension is added to your browser.

If you don’t understand, how you can install a chrome extension on your mobile or you want to gain more knowledge about these add-ons, then don’t worry I will be telling you these steps in more depth.

You don’t have a PC or a Laptop or you can’t use them but still, you want to use a chrome extension on your mobile, but the main problem is that you don’t know How can you download and use the chrome add-ons on your mobile phone.

Chrome extensions are one of the most needed things by people on the internet, for some kind of purpose. One bad thing about chrome extensions is that they can only be used on Laptops or Computers, we cannot use them on our android mobile. 

You can download these extensions with the use of some special browsers which accept add ons. The browser may not support all the Chrome extensions which is very much obvious due to different natures of Desktop and Mobile phone web.

Install Chrome Extension with Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser install button Play store
kiwi browser install

Here are the steps to install a chrome extension on an android phone with the Kiwi browser.  Kiwi Browser is one of the most used browsers, this is a chrome alternative with almost all the features, chrome has. Here are the steps to install the chrome extension on the Kiwi browser.

  • Search and download Kiwi Browser on Playstore or from any other app store, or directly download it by pressing here.Opens in a new tab. 
  • uBlock chrome extension- Hide annoying ads, ublock, chrome extension
    ublock chrome extension
  • Search for the extension you want to install, I will download uBlock origin ExtensionOpens in a new tab. which is used to hide unwanted adds.
  • Now, click on add to chrome and then give the permission that your desired extension will ask.
  • Once, you completed the third step, your extension will get installed.
uBlock-Ad blocker Hide annoying ads option, how to hide ads
uBlock Hide annoying ads

But, what’s the proof that this trick works, well here is the proof, the extension I downloaded (uBlock)blocks the adds so it adds an option ‘Hide annoying adds’ and here’s the screenshot of that Extension installed browser which displays this option.

Questions and Answers related to Kiwi browser

Q What is the Kiwi Browser?

A  Kiwi Browser is made to peruse the web, read the news, watch recordings and tune in to music, without irritations. Peruse in harmony. Kiwi depends on Chromium and WebKit, the motor that powers the most prominent browser on the planet so you won’t lose your propensities.

Q What are the features of Kiwi Browser?

The major features that I liked in Kiwi Browser are as follows:

  • Incredible page load speed
  • It has a beautiful Night mode
  • You can play recordings and music even with the screen off on Youtube (this is my favorite)
  • The bottom address bar 
  • Translation into 60 Languages 
  • Avoiding the AMP controlled sites 
  • Take a screen capture in Incognito Mode 
  • Devoted Home and Exit catches 
  • Naturally acknowledges the “cookies” messages 
  • Clients can utilize custom downloads organizer 

Install Chrome Extension with Yandex Browser

Yandex browser can also be used to install chrome extensions like kiwi browser but you might be more likely to use it because it has a lite version which is only 0.95MB which might don’t fill your phone storage. Here are the steps to download chrome extension on Yandex browser:
  • Install and open the Yandex browser Opens in a new tab.on your device.
  • Search for the extension you want to download on the search bar and just add ‘chrome extension’ after the name, this time I will download ‘Awesome Screenshot’ which is used to take awesome screenshots so I will search for ‘Awesome screenshots Chrome extension’.
  • Now click on the ‘Add to Desktop’ button at the right side.
    Awesome screenshot Add extension to browser android
    Add extension
  • Then a message will appear “Successfully added” This will add the extension on your browser.
    Chrome extension successfully added to Android phone,Chrome extension successfully added to Android phone yandex browser
    Extension successfully added
  • To check that the extension is added or not, you can go to the settings and search for your extension.
This was the simplest way to download or install any extension on android.

Install Extension/Add-ons on Firefox

Here are the 5 simple steps to install extensions or add-ons on firefox. If you like Firefox, then besides downloading any other browser to use extensions, you must try firefox to download these extensions, but in this case, you might don’t know how you can do that.
 Below are the steps to install the chrome extension on firefox:
Mozilla Firefox More options, Mozilla Firefox three dots
Firefox More options
Mozilla Firefox install button Play store,Mozilla Firefox download button Playstore
Firefox install play store
  • InstallOpens in a new tab. and open Mozilla Firefox and click on the three dots/buttons at the top right of the browser. 
  • Now, here you will find the option ‘add-ons’ click on it, this will show all the extensions on your browser. 
    Firefox add-ons , Add extension on mobile,Firefox add-ons | Add extension on mobile
    Firefox addons
  • Click on ‘browse all’
    Firefox add-ons option
    Firefox add-ons

    this will open a new window, now search for the extension you want to install, (here I am going to install ‘Video download pro’) 

    Firefox add-ons Search bar,Firefox extensions Search bar
    Search the name of your favorite extension
  • Now, click on ‘Add to Firefox,’ this will add your extension to the browser. 
    Video Downloader Pro Add extension
    Add an extension to firefox
  • If you want to check, that the add-on is added to Firefox or not, then simply click on three dots (more options) Click on ‘add-ons’ now, the extension you installed will be shown here. For example; I installed the ‘Video download pro’ extension so it is showing: 
    Video downloader Pro Extension add on added to Firefox android, chrome extension on android
    The extension is added to the firefox

Question asked by people and Answers

Many people who want to install a chrome extension on their mobile but could not for some reason so here are the solutions of the reason so that you don’t get stuck while installing chrome extensions on your mobile.

Q:  Can I install a chrome extension in chrome browser only on my android phone?
A:  No currently not, Google doesn’t support Chrome extensions on Android and they never will because of AdBlock. a large number of internet users are on mobile so Google ain’t gonna release extensions support on their mobile browser. So, in the future, you might be able to install a chrome extension in chrome browser only on your android phone.

Q: Why I can’t install a chrome extension on chrome on my mobile?
A: Google doesn’t support Chrome extensions on Android and they never will because of AdBlock. This simply means that you can’t download extensions on chrome browser but you can do this in other browsers as I told you.

Q: How do I remove extensions from Chrome Android?

A: If because of some problems you want to remove the chrome extensions from your android, then you can follow these steps:

  • Open your browser.
  • Click on the three dots (more options) option.
  • Click on Extensions or add-ons.
  • Click on delete or remove or simply disable it.
Hopefully, now the chrome extension is removed from your device.

Q:  What if the extension could not be installed on the browser?
A: As I already told you that some extensions might not fit the browser so in that case, I suggest you find other alternate extensions. To do so, you just need to search the name of the extension and after that type alternatives like if I want to install Grammarly but it could not get installed, then I will search for ‘Grammarly alternatives’.

Just from this, you can download the type of extension you want.

Hopefully, you get the solutions to all your problems.

Still, if you are facing any problem, then comment down below I will reply to you the solution within an hour.

I hope that you have downloaded the chrome extension on your android mobile. Share it with your friends if you find this article helpful.

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